After Rahul Says AAP Has Taken 'U-Turn', Kejriwal Accuses Congress of Helping BJP

The two parties have been in talks to form an alliance for months but have not reached an agreement yet.

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal were engaged in a verbal duel on Twitter, with the Congress chief accusing the Delhi chief minister of doing “yet another U turn” on a possible alliance between the two parties. In response, Kejriwal held the Congress responsible for splintering the anti-BJP vote in several states.

For months, the two parties have been engaged in talks to ally against the BJP in Delhi’s seven Lok Sabha seats. After weeks of speculation, the AAP ruled out an alliance with the Congress in March. However, reports continue to suggest that the two parties could come to an agreement still.

On Monday evening, Rahul Gandhi tweeted that “an alliance between the Congress & AAP in Delhi would mean the rout of the BJP.” His party is willing to give up four Lok Sabha seats in Delhi to the AAP to ensure the defeat, he said, adding, “But, Mr Kejriwal has done yet another U turn!”

He said that though his party’s doors are still open, “the clock is running out”.

In his rebuttal, Delhi CM Kejriwal denied making any U-Turn. He said, “From your tweet, it is evident that you were never intended to form an alliance. I am saddened by your excuses.”

He continued, “Today, it is crucial to save the country from the threat of Modi-Shah. It is unfortunate that you are dividing the anti-Modi votes in UP and several other states.”

Talks between the two parties are apparently being scuttled due to the AAP’s insistence on forming an alliance in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and Chandigarh. The Congress is only interested in an alliance in Delhi.

In Delhi, the AAP has already announced candidates for all seven seats: Atishi (East Delhi), Dilip Pandey (Northeast Delhi), Gugan Singh Ranga (Northwest Delhi), Brijesh Goyal (New Delhi), Raghav Chadha (South Delhi), Pankaj Gupta (Chandni Chowk) and Balbir Singh Jakhar (West Delhi). The Congress has cleared the names of four candidates. The BJP is yet to announce any candidates.

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