Studied 'Several Types of Subjects': ABVP's Ankiv Baisoya on DU Fake Degree Claim

Baisoya, who won the presidential post, got admission into Delhi University’s postgraduate Buddhist Studies programme on the basis of marksheets allegedly issued by Thiruvalluvar University.

New Delhi: In an attempt to refute allegations that his Bachelor of Arts degree from Thiruvalluvar University in Tamil Nadu’s Vellore is fake, ABVP’s Ankiv Baisoya, the newly-elected Delhi University Students’ Union president, has spoken to the media and said that he studied “several types of subjects” at the university between 2013 and 2016.

“I wrote several types of exams, in English and skilled-based subject,” he reportedly said.

Beyond being unable to remember which subjects he finished studying just two years go, as Scroll reported, Baisoya could not recall much about campus life or the the names of heads of departments.

Baisoya (23) who won the presidential post with a margin of 1,744 votes, got admission into Delhi University’s postgraduate Buddhist Studies programme on the basis of marksheets allegedly issued by Thiruvalluvar University.

The National Students’ Union of India, the Congress’ student wing, had claimed that Baisoya had furnished a fake marksheet and certificate. The party has circulated a letter which indicates that the certificate submitted by Baisoya was fake.

NDTV contacted Dr P. Asokan, the controller of examinations of the Thiruvalluvar University in Vellore and he confirmed that no one named had Ankiv Baisoya had ever studied there.

NSUI circulated a letter, purportedly from the university, that said the certificate submitted by Baisoya was fake. Credit: Twitter

“First they made EVMs an issue and now they are trying to bring this up,” Baisoya had told Times Now when the allegations first surfaced. “I will take action against them. My graduation is genuine.”

“Whatever these documents are, they can be verified and I will fully cooperate with the process,” he added.

“Even today DU has all the right to verify documents of any student enrolled in university,” said the party. “But it’s not the job of NSUI to provide certificates to any person… Also they did not mention any letter No. which is usually mentioned in RTI. It’s simply a propaganda by NSUI,” said ABVP.

A protest at the Faculty of Arts in October 2014. Credit: Facebook/Ankiv Baisoya

Scroll, in its report, also found that there is no trace of “Baisoya’s life in Vellore on his Facebook page although it is rich in photographs from campaigns and protests in Delhi University over much the same period – he is either in them or has been tagged on them”.

Baisoya’s response to why he has been reportedly tagged in posts and photographs on social media in Delhi instead of in vellore, he said, “Mera up-down hota rehta tha” – “I was travelling back and forth”. This, according to him, was sanctioned under a “regular programme” and not as part of a correspondence or distance-learning course.

In an attempt to raise doubts on the veracity of documents being circulated by the NSUI, Baisoya said, “The letter from the controller of examinations, being circulated by the NSUI, does not have a date in one column and the column which has the date says it was written on September 7.”

Baisoya can also be seen tagged in posts during a college election the College of Vocational Studies, affiliated to Delhi University. More so, Scroll found that “an Ankiv Baisoya appears in tutorial records of the college’s economics department in 2015 and 2016“.

Stacking more evidence against the new DUSU president’s claims is a September 10 DU beat profile on him which pronounces him to be “an economics graduate from the College of Vocational Studies”.