Ayodhya Mediators Ban Reporting of Proceedings in Print and Other Media

This is line with what the Supreme Court had ordered while appointing the mediators.

New Delhi: The Supreme Court appointed mediation committee for the resolution of the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid land dispute in an order dated March 13, directed that there should “not be any reporting of the mediation proceedings in print or other media”.

The order, signed by committee chairman F.M.I. Kalifulla, is in line with the what the Supreme Court had said while ruling in favour of mediation. The court had said:

“We are also of the view that mediation proceedings should be conducted with utmost confidentiality so as to ensure its success which can only be safeguarded by directing that the mediation proceedings and those views expressed therein by any of the parties included and learned mediators shall be kept confidential and not be revealed to any other person.”

The committee comprises of former Supreme Court judge, Justice F.M.I Kalifulla, spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and senior advocate Sriram Panchu. It assembled for its first meeting in Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh at 10:30 am on March 13.

The committee reportedly heard everyone who attended the proceedings after notices had been issued to all the parties to different civil appeals pending before the Supreme Court regarding the issue.

Fourteen appeals have been filed in the apex court against the 2010 Allahabad high court judgment, delivered in four civil suits, that the 2.77-acre land in Ayodhya be partitioned equally among the three parties — the Sunni Waqf Board, the Nirmohi Akhara and Ram Lalla.