On Breakups with Friends

We always focus on romantic breakups and how much they hurt, but losing friends to irreconcilable difference is painful too.

How does one deal with heartbreak
delivered by the hands of a close friend?
What melancholic songs does one listen to
on a loop?
Whose shoulders does one cry on?
And would it be considered
kinda weird
if one went through
the odd evening or two
binge drinking in order to forget it all?

You continue to dance the elaborate dance
of everyday social interactions
with an air of nonchalance
While a secret world
spun out of conversations
both profound and pointless
held over impromptu meetings for coffee or beer,
comfortable silences shared while passing the time
and knowing glances exchanged over inside jokes
now lies barren
Its destruction
mourned in secret

Vaidehi Tandel is a cat parent and an occasional blogger currently living in New York City. Her instagram handle is @solatopi

Featured image credit: Unsplash