Listen | It's Exhausting to See the Government’s Aggression in the Same-Sex Marriage Case: Onir

One of the few openly gay filmmakers in India tells The Wire that same-sex marriages are about equal rights and can happen if there is a will.

The LGBTQ+ community was initially hopeful then became cautious as the case on equal rights proceeded in the Supreme Court. “It is exhausting to see the government’s aggression on the matter,” says filmmaker Onir in this podcast discussion with Sidharth Bhatia.

The court has proposed that the government find an administrative solution to the issue without bringing in marriage, which the government has agreed to. There is a slew of laws that will have to be changed before same sex marriage is allowed. Onir does not agree. “Same sex marriages are about equality, it can happen if there is a will,” he says.

Onir is one of the few openly gay filmmakers in the industry and his first film My Brother….Nikhil was well received. His book I am Onir and I am Gay spoke about his growing up years and his realisation that he was gay. He says his openness about sexuality has affected his career.

“Our industry has double standards. Filmmakers come to me and say we are making your kind of film,” he says. He says It would be be great if empowered LGBTG+ figures and opinion makers came out.