'Peacocks Don't Have Sex', 'Cow a Surgeon', Says HC Judge Who Wants Cow as 'National Animal'

Though the text of his judgment drew largely on legal and religious arguments, the judge, while speaking to reporters outside court, cited the supposed celibacy of peacocks as another reason for declaring the cow a national animal.

Spoiler alert: For Justice M.C. Sharma and others who believe peacocks don’t do it, we have a video link below that proves they do

New Delhi: On his last day as a judge of the Rajasthan high court, Justice Mahesh Chandra Sharma directed the state government to coordinate with the Centre and take steps to declare the cow as India’s national animal. The direction, made in his 139-page order in the Hingonia Gaushala case, comes at a time when many states are protesting the Central government’s decision to ban the slaughter of all cattle – cows and buffaloes – bought in agricultural markets. Though the text of his judgment drew largely on legal arguments and religious, the judge, who is an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna, put forward several additional reasons for declaring the cow a national animal while speaking to reporters outside the court.

The most novel of these involved a bizarre theory about how peacocks mate, a subject he spoke about when a reporter from TV18 reminded him that India is a secular country and that his comparison with the ‘Hindu state’ of Nepal may not be accurate (at 2’47” in the video below):

Nepal … it  is not related to whether it is secular or Hindu. Why we have declared the peacock as a national bird? Then you can say that this is a secular country. Peacock also has qualities, let me tell me you in more detail. The peacock is a lifelong celibate (aajeevan brahmachari). It does not have sex with the peahen. The peahen gives birth after it gets impregnated with the tears of the peacock. A peacock or a peahen is then born. That is why Lord Krishna used to adorn himself with peacock feathers. And this is why the saints use peacock feathers in temples – because of the peacock’s celibacy. In the same manner, the cow too has many qualities which I have earlier told you. There are so many qualities that I say, from my religious faith, my heart, that the cow should be declared the national animal.

In fact, peacocks and peahens have sex, just like other birds.

Sharma’s judgment also said that the cow should be declared a national animal as this would make the animal a ‘legal entity’ and allow the government to appoint persons in loco parentis for its protection.

Meanwhile, here are some other gems from the judge, who has now retired, extracted from his interview to TV18:

On what he has said in his order

I have specifically said in my order that the cow should be declared as the national animal as has been done in Nepal. We should do the same because our religious faith is joined to the cow. Cows should be used, not misused is also what I have said.

On the idea behind his order to make the cow India’s national animal

It is not the idea. Let me tell you, this idea is beyond the limit of my thoughts. When Lord Krishna came to this Earth before coming he prayed to a cow in Vrindavan and Govardhan. Because he knew that our doctor, surgeon would be a cow. From the cow’s milk all kinds of diseases are cured. Good nature increases, religiosity increases is the important thing about cow’s milk. I have in my 140-45 page judgement about the cow, written about Rig Ved, Sam Ved, Yajur Ved and others too, Ramayana, Gita – and while writing, I have written about the cow and why the cow is important for man. Even after death, a cow is useful. Cow’s dung, cow’s urine, cow’s milk, cow’s bones and even for tantric purposes the cow is very useful.

On measures the government should take to make the cow the national animal

I have suggested to the government.. that suggestion was only because it was a voice from my soul. I couldn’t give them direction because the Union of India wasn’t a party to this. That is why the suggestion I have given is from the voice of my soul. The government will definitely work on this, it is useful for the country, for all creatures. … My judgement is applicable in the state of Rajasthan basically. It can be adopted by other states also but I wish that every state should comply with this order.

On why the government should comply with his order to make the cow India’s national animal

Why is that? Because it is a religious one. It is the sound of soul, it is the sound of the every person who’s living in India.

(Translated transcript prepared by The Wire)