Gujarat HC Fines Lawyer Rs 10,000 for Seeking Euthanasia for His Clients

The lawyer had argued that his clients had been ignored by the state authorities, and so they should be allowed to die.

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New Delhi: The Gujarat high court has imposed a Rs 10,000 fine on an advocate who filed two petitions demanding euthanasia for his clients, alleging that the state authorities were ignoring them and so they should be permitted to die by suicide. One petition was on behalf of 600 members of a fishing community, and the other on behalf of a man who claimed to be unsuccessfully fighting corruption in the Gujarat State Transport Corporation.

Justice A.S. Supehia expressed his displeasure with advocate Dharmesh Gurjar for filing these petitions, the Times of India reported, and imposed a fine of Rs 5,000 per case. The judge said that the cases were frivolous and wasted the time of the court, registry and government lawyers.

The court was also quoted as saying that the advocate had not understood the issue of euthanasia, and so had also let down his clients. In addition, it criticised the petition for not mentioning any provision of the law.

According to the newspaper, Gurjar asked the court to fine his clients instead of him, so that his career is not affected. The court refused.