What Worries Indians Most in the COVID Crisis

According to a survey by YouGov, about three quarters of the Indian population believe that the COVID crisis will have a long-term impact on society.

According to YouGov, the new coronavirus wave in India has led to heightened worry about health while decreasing worry about finances. In a recent survey among 1,500 urban Indians, around two-thirds said they worried about friends or family becoming seriously sick or dying, up from 56% in the first wave in May 2020. Just as many said that they worried about their finances being severely affected, down from 71% last year.

The worry about the COVID-19 pandemic having negative long-term effects on society remained consistently high and has been shared by almost three-quarters of Indians in the last year.

Worry about oneself becoming ill or dying as a result of COVID-19 ranked just below worry about friends and family, but rose more steeply from last year, up more than 40%. The survey also included questions about job loss and education. At 54%, fewer people worried about being out of work than worried about financial repercussions as a whole. 58% worried about their children’s education suffering, up from 50%  in May 2020.

Infographic: What Worries Indians Most in the COVID Crisis | Statista This article was first published on Statista.