Watch | Coronavirus Updates, April 7: Hydroxychloroquine and the Coronavirus, Explained

Why has the ICMR recommended it? And why does Donald Trump want it?

Two days ago, US President Donald Trump requested PM Modi to release Hydroxychloroquine, a drug that India’s top medical research body, the ICMR has recommended to India’s frontline health care workers and doctors.

This is also the drug which was banned from all exports as the Indian government was stockpiling it. But after US President’s request and a subsequent threat of “retaliation” if PM Modi didn’t release HCQ, the Indian government, today, went ahead with lifting the export ban on the drug for countries who are “hardest hit by the pandemic”.

India is the largest manufacturer of Hydroxychloroquine. There have been reports pouring in from across the world which suggest that it is an unproven drug in the prevention of COVID-19 yet it has been recommended as a prophylactic drug. Cardiologists have also warned about the side effects of this drug. America’s leading virologist, Dr Anthony Fauci has urged caution is using the drug too. He further said that various “studies” need to be done which prove if this intervention “is truly a safe and effective one”

So, why has the ICMR recommended it? And why does Donald Trump want it?

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Note: Dr Anthony Fauci is a U.S-based immunologist not a virologist as mentioned in the video.