Rajasthan: Old Class 12 Textbook Links Islam With Terrorism; FIR Against Textbook Board, Publisher

The content of this textbook was revised and the controversial section removed.

Jaipur: On a complaint filed by the Congress’s Minority Cell in Jaipur, an FIR has been lodged against the state textbook board and owner of the publishing house Sanjeev Passbook Publication for linking Islam with terrorism in a Class 12 political science textbook of the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education. Charges of outraging religious sentiments and criminal conspiracy have been invoked.

A chapter titled ‘Terrorism, Criminalisation of Politics and Corruption’ in the textbook said, “Which one of the following is not the main objective of Islamic terrorism?” and gives options as, “Establishment of Muslim nation in the world; Resistance of western non-Muslim powers through violent activities; Peace in the world; Implement Islamic laws and principles in the world.”

It further adds a question that reads, “What do you think of Islamic terrorism?”

According to an Indian Express report, the FIR has been filed by Mohsin Rasheed who is the coordinator of Rajasthan Muslim Forum and Minority Cell of the Congress’s state unit.

“By directly associating Islam with terrorism and then repeatedly using ‘Islamic terrorism’, the books promote hatred towards Islam and defame the religion. They also attempt to provoke Muslim students and the community and hurt their sentiments. It is also an attempt to insult Muslim teachers and students by insulting their religion and humiliating them,” he said in his complaint.

The content of this textbook was revised during the previous Vasundhara Raje-led Bhartiya Janta Party government in 2018. After the Congress government came to power in December 2018, the state board textbooks were again revised and this part has been eliminated.

The convenor of the book, associate professor Bhanwar Singh Rathore, passed away in September last year.

Meanwhile, the publication house was vandalised on Wednesday by some people outraged by the text. In this case, Muslim Parishad Sansthan president Yunus Chopdar has been arrested along with two other persons.

The publication house has said that they had destroyed the books and apologised in writing, but still receive threats.