Supreme Court Reinstates Alok Verma as CBI Chief. What Next?

Rohini Singh and Ajoy Ashirwad Mahaprashasta discuss the Supreme Court's verdict and its implications.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday reinstated Alok Verma as the director of the Central Bureau of Investigation. The top court, however, restricted him from taking any major policy decision till the selection committee has disposed off his case.

Verma had challenged the Narendra Modi government’s decision to divest him of his duties and send him on leave on October 23. An NGO, Common Cause, also filed a petition against the government’s move, and the court bunched the two together.

The attorney general had contested that Verma’s “leave” could not be seen as a “transfer”, as he was only taken off charge. The bench disagreed, according to LiveLaw, saying that the word “transfer” has to be understood as encompassing all acts which affect the independent functioning of the CBI director.

The apex court also said that any further decision against Verma would be taken by the high-powered committee which selects and appoints CBI directors. It said that a meeting of the committee should be convened within a week.

Verma’s lawyer, F.S. Nariman, had argued that the Modi government’s decision was invalid as a CBI director can only be removed after prior sanction from such a committee.

In a live discussion, Rohini Singh and Ajoy Ashirwad Mahaprashasta of The Wire discuss the Supreme Court’s verdict and its implications.

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