Delhi Riots: Artists Condemn 'Witch Hunt', Express Solidarity With Rahul Roy, Saba Dewan

In a statement signed by nearly 650 people, the Culture Workers’ Support Trust objected to the the 'harassment' of young art students whose only ‘crime’ seems to have been to paint murals and make posters to question contentious laws.

New Delhi: The Culture Workers’ Support Trust (CWST), an umbrella organisation, has condemned the Delhi Police for naming filmmaker Rahul Roy in the supplementary chargesheet of a Delhi riots case and summoning Saba Dewan for questioning, saying these artists and many others are facing ‘harassment’ for exercising their democratic rights.

In a statement that is endorsed by nearly 650 people, the CWST said the “harassment being meted out to young art students whose only ‘crime’ seems to have been to paint murals and make posters to question contentious laws” is ‘highly objectionable’.

Saying it is the democratic right of all to protest without fear of being targeted for dissent, the statement adds it is “unacceptable that dissenting artists, academicians, activists, journalists and others are being harassed with digressive investigations, and arrested based on fabricated and forced confessions”.

“This is a clear attempt to create a culture of fear and is a direct attack on the right to critical speech and expression. The continued persecution of culture workers associated with Ambedkarite movements, such as Kabir Kala Manch, also points towards this attempt to quell voices of resistance who speak truth to power through art and activism,” the signatories said.

The “witch-hunt” against creative communities, activists, students and relief workers by alleging a “riots conspiracy” reveals the “machination of people in positions of power to conceal the true identity of conspirators who, through their incendiary speech acts, triggered the worst communal riots the city of Delhi has seen in decades”, they say.

“Not only is the Delhi Police cynically using this event to target dissenting voices, it is also denying justice to those who have suffered and died during the riots,” the statement adds.

The full statement, along with the list of signatories, has been reproduced below.


Statement Against State Repression of Culture Workers : In Solidarity With Rahul Roy, Saba Dewan, And Art Students Facing Harassment And False Charges By the State

14 September 2020

The Culture Workers’ Support Trust (CWST) condemns the harassment of members of the creative community who are being targeted for exercising their democratic right to raise their voice against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019, the National Register of Citizens, the National Population Register and state-sponsored brutality during the anti-CAA protests.

The recent naming of documentary filmmaker Rahul Roy in the supplementary charge sheet as a co-conspirator in the Delhi riots (as reported by the press), the summoning of Saba Dewan for questioning and the harassment being meted out to young art students whose only ‘crime’ seems to have been to paint murals and make posters to question contentious laws, are highly objectionable.

It is the democratic right of all to protest without fear of being targeted for one’s dissent. It is unacceptable that dissenting artists, academicians, activists, journalists and others are being harassed with digressive investigations, and arrested based on fabricated and forced confessions. This is a clear attempt to create a culture of fear and is a direct attack on the right to critical speech and expression. The continued persecution of culture workers associated with Ambedkarite movements, such as Kabir Kala Manch, also points towards this attempt to quell voices of resistance who speak truth to power through art and activism.

Unleashing a witch-hunt against creative communities, activists, students and relief workers by alleging a “riots conspiracy” reveals the machination of people in positions of power to conceal the true identity of conspirators who, through their incendiary speech acts, triggered the worst communal riots the city of Delhi has seen in decades. Not only is the Delhi Police cynically using this event to target dissenting voices, it is also denying justice to those who have suffered and died during the riots.

Along with the undersigned members of the artistic community, CWST stands in solidarity with all victims of communal violence and those culture workers who are being persecuted for seeking a just and equitable society.

Annapurna Garimella, Art Historian
Lokesh Khodke, Artist
Shefalee Jain, Artist and Academic
Shukla Sawant, Artist and Academic
Sindhura D M, Art Historian
Vidyun Sabhaney, Artist

About CWST:

The Culture Workers Support Trust (CWST) was founded in late 2019 to work as an umbrella organization that works with culture workers. CWST is a registered charitable organization that works to generate interest and create awareness among culture workers about their rights and responsibilities. To begin with we define culture workers as a combination of visual artists in all art forms and art workers including curators, handlers, set designers, gallery managers, etc. CWST enables the creation of mechanisms and institutions that will allow culture workers to obtain effective and timely redressal of grievances that may arise as a function of their professional relationships. It advocates for accountability and transparency in the conduct and governance of institutions involved in the practice, pedagogy, and research of arts and culture. CWST also takes up litigation related to the empowerment of culture workers, offers training and holds events to propagate causes that are of significance to professionals in arts and culture, to enable the full realization of human potential and to create the durable infrastructure that will foster a grounded, democratic cultural sphere. One of our core concerns is to work towards a sustainable and structurally effective community economy where solidarity networks help disperse power and resources more equitably.

Please find below a list of 643 signatories:

Name Designation/Institution (optional) 
  1. A Parthiban BFA(Painting)
2.                   A. M. Padmanabhan
3.                   A. Mangai Artist and Academic
4.                   Aabshaar Wakhloo
5.                   Aayush Gulati Student, Faculty of Fine Arts Vadodara
6.                   Aban Raza Artist
7.                   Abha Dev Habib Miranda House, University of Delhi
8.                   Abhijit Individual
9.                   Abhijit
10.               Abhijit Kundu University of Delhi
11.               Abhijit Waghmare
12.               Abhilasha Kumari Retired Academic
13.               Abhishek Majumdar
14.               Abhishek Nilamber Curator & Researcher
15.               Abhisikta Dasgupta
16.               Achla Sawhney
17.               Adarsh University of Delhi
18.               Aditya Nigam Academic
19.               Adv.Ansar Indori Human Rights Lawyer, New Delhi
20.               Aishwarya
21.               Aishwarya Dalal Marra, bangalore
22.               Aishwarya K Student, Jawaharlal Nehru University
23.               Ajatshatru
24.               Ajinkya Kulthe
25.               Ajit Patil CPIML Liberation
26.               Akansha Rastogi
27.               Akila Seshasayee
28.               Akshay Sethi Visual artist (freelance)
29.               Akshaya Tankha PhD, University of Toronto
30.               Albert Jacob Aji Faculty of fine arts, ms university, baroda
31.               Ali Javed Working President, PWA
32.               Alnawaz Alam sheikh Farooqi Freelance light designer
33.               Alokparna Mukherjee Researcher.
34.               Amala Popuri Film Audio a professional
35.               Aman Roy Jawaharlal Nehru University
36.               Amar Kanwar
37.               Amba Suhasini Theatre practioner
38.               Amber Habib Professor
39.               Ameet Parameswaran Assistant professor, JNU
40.               Amit Dasgupta CPIML Liberation
41.               Amit Gupta Architect
42.               Amit Ray Film editing student Satyajit Ray film and television institute
43.               Amitabha Basu Retired scientist, CSIR-NPL, New Delhi
44.               Ammu Abraham
45.               Amol TISS Mumbai student
46.               Amrita Singh
47.               Anamika Haksar Theatre director
48.               Anand Sahay Columnist
49.               Anant Dayal
50.               Anant Mann
51.               Ananta Auddy
52.               Ananya
53.               Ananya Chakraborti Chairperson, WBSCPCR
54.               Ananya Parikh
55.               Anarya Programmes Manager, Artreach India / independent artist
56.               Aniket salve Must be released
57.               Anil Professional
58.               Anil Kumar Asst. Prof. MLN
59.               Anita Bhalekar
60.               Anita Cherian Ambedkar University Delhi, faculty
61.               Anjali Monteiro Documentary Filmmaker
62.               Anjali Panjabi
63.               Anjana Mangalagiri Retired
64.               Anju Dodiya Artist
65.               Ankit Mehrotra
66.               Ankita Srivastava Research Scholar, School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU, New Delhi
67.               Ankur Gulyani Panda
68.               Anne Marie
69.               Anomita Sen Theatre Artist
70.               Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi Barnard College, Columbia University
71.               Anshdeep Kaur
72.               Anshuka Mahapatra
73.               Anshul Uniyal
74.               Antara Dev Sen Journalist
75.               Anugyan Nag Assistant Professor
76.               Anupama Srinivasan Filmmaker
77.               Anuradha Kapoor
78.               Anuradha Kapur
79.               Anuradha Marwah
80.               Anuradha Rudrapriya
81.               Anuradha Vellat Student, Ambedkar University, Delhi.
82.               Anurag Misra Retired civil servant
83.               Anwar Art director advertising
84.               Aparajithan A L
85.               Aparna Andhare Curator
86.               Aparna Sen
87.               Apeksha Priyadarshini Ph.D scholar, School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU
88.               Archana DU
89.               Archana Mangalagiri
90.               Arijiet Pal
91.               Arnab Bhattacharya Scientist and science communicator, TIFR
92.               Arnav Gogoi
93.               Arnika Ahldag PhD scholar, Jawaharlal Nehru University
94.               Arshad Hakim artist/filmmaker
95.               Arun Virasam
96.               Arun Kumar
97.               Arundhati Ghosh
98.               Asheesh Pandya
99.               Ashish Dha Music Teacher, Composer-Musician / NAADAALAY
100.           Ashok Bhowmick Artist
101.           Ashok Tiwari
102.           Ashwini Student
103.           Ashwini Deshpande
104.           Atanu Singha Poet, Jourajlist and Cultural Activist.
105.           Ateesh Chattopadhayay
106.           Atul Bhalla
107.           Atul Kumar
108.           Avinash V
109.           Ayesha Matthan PhD Student, Cornell University
110.           Ayesha Sultana Stop repression of Cultural workers
111.           Barnali Pain
112.           Bazik Thlana Visual Artist
113.           Bedabrata Pain ex-NASA scientist and film-maker
114.           Belinder Dhanoa
115.           Benny Kuruvilla Researcher
116.           Bharati Kapadia NA
117.           Bharti Ali
118.           Bhuvana R TISS Mumbai Alumna 2017-2019
119.           Bidisha Mahanta
120.           Bindu Menon Mannil
121.           Bratati Pande Retired Teacher, Delhi University.
122.           Brinelle D’souza JSA-MUMBAI, JCoR West India
123.           C.sri ram Human Rights Activist
124.           Chaiti Nath Post graduate student in History of Art, Kala Bhavana, Santiniketan
125.           Chandan Gupta Art Director
126.           Chandni Arora Visual and performance artist.
127.           Chandrima Sen Teacher
128.           Chayanika Shah
129.           Chhandak
130.           Chinar shah Artist
131.           Chirag Raveendran Concerned citizen, India
132.           Chithra KS Art Historian
133.           Chitra Vishwanath
134.           Christin Glauser Artist
135.           Chun Kapur
136.           Daminee Benny Basu Actor/ Performance Artist
137.           Darsana Prakash
138.           Debabratee Dhar
139.           Debaditya Bhattacharya Faculty, Kazi Nazrul University
140.           Debalina Banerjee I am against these sort of harassment to these cultural activists.(MA final year,Presidency University.).
141.           Debashree Mukherjee Columbia University
142.           Debasree Student
143.           Debdutta Mete
144.           Debjani Sengupta IP College, DU
145.           Deepa Pathak
146.           Deepak Swaminathan Architect
147.           Deepikah Bhardwaj Artist
148.           Deeptha Achar Academic
149.           Dev Desai ANHAD
150.           Devashish Makhija Author, Fimmaker
151.           Devi Palakurthi Cultural activist
152.           Devika
153.           Dhiman Karmakar Sound Designer cum Sound Recordist
154.           Dhruvi Acharya visual artist
155.           Diksha Sharma
156.           Dimple Oberoi Vahali Independent Activist
157.           Dipa Donde Research Associate
158.           Dr Charulatha Banerjee
159.           Dr Pramod Bagde Dept of Philosophy& Religion, BHU, Varanasi
160.           Dr Sangram maurya Doctor
161.           Dr. Sarbani Bandyopadhyay St. Xavier’s College Kolkata
162.           Dr. V. Sasi Kumar
163.           Dr.Mohan Rao
164.           DrKishwar A Shirali Retd Assiciate Profeeor HP Universjty
165.           Dvijendra Nath Kalia DU (Retd)
166.           Ekta Oza
167.           Epsita Halder Associate Professor, Jadavpur University
168.           F Gangte IITB
169.           Faezeh Performer
170.           Farhatullah Beig Film maker
171.           Freny Manecksha Independent journalist
172.           Gargi Bharadwaj Theatre practitioner and academic
173.           Gargi Chandola Visual Artist
174.           Gargi Raina
175.           Gaurav Bumb Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute
176.           Gaurav Kalyani
177.           Gauri Gill
178.           Gautam Bhattacharya Freelance Light Designer
179.           Gautam Nima Dance Artist/Educator
180.           Gayatri Chatterjee Teacher/writer
181.           Geeta K
182.           Geeta Kapur Art Critic
183.           Geeta Sahai writer
184.           Girwar Singh Retrieved teacher
185.           Githa Hariharan Writer
186.           Gopika Chowfla Visual Artist
187.           Gopika Nath
188.           Gourav Gill Freelancer filmmaker
189.           Grace Zaidarhzauva
190.           Gurpreet Sidhu People Tree Arts Trust
191.           Gurunathan Artist And Art teacher
192.           Gurvinder Singh Filmmaker
193.           Hafiz Abbasi Retired
194.           Hans Kaushik artist
195.           Harish Natarajan
196.           Harshit Vishwakarma
197.           Heena Pari Artist
198.           Hemant Sareen Art writer-researcher
199.           Himali Soin
200.           Himmat Singh BYB, General Secretary
201.           Hrishikesh Arvikar UQ
202.           Humaira Student
203.           Humanism Project
204.           Humera Chougle
205.           Imran Retired
206.           Inder salim
207.           Indira Chandrasekhar
208.           Indira Chowdhury
209.           Indrapramit Roy
210.           Indu Kumari Researcher / JNU
211.           Intiyaz
212.           Ira Raja
213.           Isha
214.           Ishani
215.           Ishani kanani Designer
216.           Ishita Artist
217.           Islahuddin Ashraf
218.           Ivy
219.           J Rizvi Citizen of India
220.           Jacob Documentary
221.           Jagdish Chand Upadhyaya Freelance researcher, writer, translator
222.           Jahangir Asgar Jani Artist
223.           Jaishankar J
224.           Janet Chawla Self employed
225.           Jasmeen Patheja
226.           Jasveen Jairath Concerned Citizens
227.           Jay Patel Student at MSU, Baroda
228.           Jaya Menon
229.           Jaya Singh
230.           Jayanta Dasgupta Retired.
231.           Jayashree Borah University of Delhi
232.           Jayati Datta
233.           Jeetin Rangher
234.           Jenny Rowena Assistant Professor, Miranda House
235.           Jenny Shabnam
236.           Jeroo Mulla Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai
237.           Jhanvi
238.           Jinat Rehena Islam Feminism dot comm
239.           Joseph Lalngaihzuala Self Employed
240.           Judith Misrahi-Barak University Paul Valéry Montpellier, France
241.           June Banerjee Content Writer
242.           Jyotsna Sharma The Humanism Project
243.           K. Padma Advocate
244.           K.P. Jayasankar Documentary Filmmaker
245.           Kabi
246.           Kakali Bhattacherjee Social worker
247.           Kamayani Bali Mahabal
248.           Kameshwaran.A arts
249.           Kamran Akhter
250.           Kanika Gupta Art Historian
251.           Karan Talwar Harkat Studios
252.           Karen Gabriel St Stephen’s College, DU
253.           Kathyayini Dash Phd candidate (Performance), University of Cape Town, South Africa
254.           Katyayani Prabhakar Filmmaker
255.           Kausik Mukhopadhyay Artist
256.           Kavita Bahl Story Teller & Poet
257.           Kavita Nayar Visiting professor College Of Art, delhi
258.           Kedar Shirali Concerned citizen
259.           Ketki Ranade/ KP
260.           Keval Arora Associate Professor, Delhi University
261.           Khounesh Indra Ghosh Self employed
262.           Kirtana Kumar Little Jasmine Theatre & Film Project
263.           Kirti jain Theatre artist
264.           Koma Mandakini
265.           Komal Mistri Artist
266.           Komita Theatre practitioner
267.           KP Reji Artist
268.           Krishna Sengupta Retired teacher.
269.           Krishnapriya C P Artist
270.           Kristine michael Artist
271.           Kshiraja K
272.           Kunal Chattopadhyay Jadavpur University
273.           Kunjathur Chandrahasa
274.           Lakshay Chadha
275.           Lalita du Perron Stanford University
276.           Lalitha Krishna
277.           Lalvenhimi Khiangte
278.           Latika Gupta
279.           Likla Writer
280.           Lokesh Khodke Artist and Illustrator
281.           Lokesh Malti Prakash Bhopal
282.           Madhukar
283.           Madhuri Adwani Nirantar Trust, Storyteller
284.           Madhurjya Mahanta Artist
285.           Madhusree Dutta Filmmaket
286.           Maheen Mirza
287.           Maithreyi m r Consulting editor
288.           Maitrayee Lawyer
289.           Malaika
290.           Malathi Maithri Writer
291.           Malavika Rajnarayan
292.           Malavika Rao Research scholar, performance maker, University of Exeter, UK
293.           Malini Subramaniam Independent Journalist
294.           Mallika
295.           Mallika Taneja Theatre Artist
296.           Mallika Taneja Theatre Artist
297.           Manali P
298.           Manasa
299.           Manasi Pingle
300.           Mangalesh Dabral poet and journalist
301.           Mangesh Kambale
302.           Manjeet Singh
303.           Manjima Chatterjee Drama explorer
304.           Manju Kapur Writer
305.           Manmeet Sandhu Artist
306.           Mansi Bhatt Artist
307.           Mary Humanitarian worker
308.           Mary Mitzy Advocate
309.           Maya Rao Theatre artist
310.           Mayank Mansingh Kaul
311.           Meenakshi Nath
312.           Meenakshi Shedde Consultant
313.           Megha Sheth Mental Health Professional
314.           Meghna Mehra Activist, All India Queer Association
315.           Meghna Singh
316.           Meraj khan The Humanism Project
317.           Mithra.K Artist
318.           Mithu Sen
319.           MMPSingh Editor, Naya Path & General Secretary , Janwadi Lekhak Sangh
320.           Monica Narula
321.           Monobina Gupta
322.           Mortimer Chatterjee
323.           MOUMITA ROY Art Teacher (T.G.T).
324.           Moushumi Basu Jawaharlal Nehru University
325.           Mridul
326.           Mrugen Rathod
327.           Mukul Priyadarshini DU
328.           Munish Bhardwaj
329.           N.D.Pancholi PUCL
330.           N.Ramachandran injambakkam Chennai Artist
331.           Navjot Altaf Visual artist
332.           Nabil Sadd
333.           Nagaragere Ramesh P D F, Bengaluru
334.           Najma
335.           Nakul Sood Founder Entrepreneur
336.           Namita Concerned citizen
337.           Nandan Saxena
338.           Nandini
339.           Nandita Narain Associate Professor/ St.Stephen’s College, Delhi University
340.           Nanita Sharna
341.           Narendran K Artist
342.           Narendran R Nair Student, MSU Baroda
343.           Nasima
344.           Navroze Contractor Photograoher/Film Maker
345.           Neel Chaudhuri Playwright and Theatre Director
346.           Neena Independent filmmaker
347.           Neha Paliwal
348.           Neha Vyas
349.           Nelson Thangjam
350.           Nidhi MPhil Scholar
351.           Nidhi Tuli Documentary filmmaker
352.           Nikhileswar Baruah Artist
353.           Nilanjan
354.           Nilanjan
355.           Nilanjan Bhattacharya Filmmaker
356.           Nilima Sheikh
357.           Nirali L Artist
358.           Nirmala Karunan Consultant
359.           Nisha Susan Writer
360.           Nisha Y
361.           Nundrisha
362.           Nuzhat Kazmi Art Historian
363.           P. Leena
364.           Padmaja Shaw Rtd Professor
365.           Padmini Evangelist
366.           Pallavi Paul Artist and Scholar
367.           Pamela Philipose Journaliat
368.           Panchali Kar Vice President, State Committee (WB) of All India Queer Association
369.           Pankaj Jha Citizen of India
370.           Paribartana Mohanty Artist
371.           Peehu Pardeshi Teacher
372.           Poonam
373.           Poonam kaushik General secretary pragatisheel Mahila Sangathan Delhi
374.           Prabakaran swaminathan Fine Artist and film director
375.           Prachee Bajania Filmmaker
376.           Pradeep Kambathalli Artist, Assistant professor
377.           Pragya Akhilesh Director, Lok Theatre, Bhim Dal
378.           Prashant Savita Mohan Randive
379.           Prateek Nagchoudhuri Concerned Citizen
380.           Prateek Vats Film director
381.           Pratichi Majumdar
382.           Premjish Achari Curator
383.           Priya Mirza
384.           PRIYA T Filmmaker
385.           Priyadarsi Kundan Sanyal Singer/Composer
386.           Priyanka D’Souza
387.           Priyanka Singh
388.           Promona Freie Unuversität Berlin
389.           Purandhar
390.           Pushpa Women against sexual violence & state repression (WSS)
391.           Pushpamala N Artist
392.           Pushpendra Singh Filmmaker
393.           Pyoli Swatija Lawyer
394.           Quasar Thakore Padamsee QTP
395.           Rachel Mader University of Applied Sciences and Arts Lucerne
396.           Rachel Spence Poet / Arts writer
397.           Radhika Desai Independent Researcher and Consultant
398.           Raghav Kacker
399.           Raghavender V Film Editor
400.           Ragini
401.           Raheema Begum Democratic Alliance for Diversity
402.           Rahul Kumar Filmmaker
403.           Rajan Barrett
404.           Rajarshi Dutta Designer
405.           Rajdeep Atha
406.           Rajesh Athrassery
407.           Rajkumar Thangappan
408.           Rajshree Rajmohan Architect and adjunct faculty
409.           Rakeshmahala Freelance artist
410.           Rakhi Peswani Artist and Academic, Ashoka University
411.           Rakhi Sehgal
412.           Ram Rahman Photographer, Delhi
413.           Ramdas Kadavallur Film Maker
414.           Ranima khatun
415.           Ranjan Solomon Badayl
416.           Ranjana Mangalagiri
417.           Ranjit Contractor Nil
418.           Ranu Ghosh Filmmaker
419.           Ranu sharma
420.           Rashmi D
421.           Rashmi Doraiswamy
422.           Rashmi Pant
423.           Rattanamol Singh Johal Columbia University
424.           Ravikumar Kashi artist
425.           Reena Mohan
426.           Rekha Awasthi Retired DU Teacher & Activist. Associated with Naya Path & Janwadi Lekhak Sangh
427.           Rema Harish
428.           Revati Laul Rights activist and journalist
429.           Ridhima
430.           Rimli Bhattacharya
431.           Rina Ramdev
432.           Rinchin ektaracollective
433.           Rituparna Sengupta
434.           Rohini Writer
435.           Rohini Devasher artist
436.           Rohit Raj
437.           Roobina Karode
438.           Rosalyn Dmello Author
439.           Ruchika
440.           Runu Chakraborty Independent activist and professional
441.           Rupali Jadhav Kabir Kala Manch
442.           Rupam Raja Director
443.           Rupesh Kumar Singh Freelance Journalist
444.           Rupsa Ray
445.           Rustom Singh
446.           Ruth Lalrinawmi
447.           S PANDA
448.           S Saran
449.           S. Michael Irudayaraj Yes
450.           S.G.Jagtap Selfworker
451.           Sabeena Gadihoke Jamia Millia islamia
452.           Sabyasachi Bhattacharjee Artist
453.           Sakshee
454.           Sakshi
455.           Salim Saboowalla
456.           Sallie Lallawmzuali
457.           Samawati Ghosh Academic and activist
458.           Sameer Abraham Thomas
459.           Sameera
460.           Sameera Iyengar theatreperson
461.           Samina Mishra
462.           Samira Nadkarni Individual
463.           Samruddhi.M.J
464.           Samyak Ballak Service
465.           Sanchita
466.           Sandeep Ghusale Researcher, PhD scholar
467.           Sandip K Luis Researcher / Artist
468.           Sanjay Barnela Filmmaker
469.           Sanjeeb Mukherjee
470.           Sanjeev Sharma
471.           Santanu Datta
472.           Santanu Ghatak Musician
473.           Santhosh kr. Sakhinala
474.           Santhosh S. SCCE, AUD
475.           Santosh Dash Associate Professor
476.           Saptarshi Sarkar
477.           Sarita Hanno
478.           Saswati Ghosh Academic and activist
479.           Satya Sagar
480.           Saumya Student
481.           Sayan Das Nshm kolkata
482.           Sayanti Mukherji Freelance writer
483.           Sd Teacher
484.           Seema Kohli we stand in solidarity
485.           Shabani Hassanwalia Filmmaker, Writer
486.           Shaibani Azam Professor, Jamia Millia University
487.           Shakuntala Kulkarni Visual Artist
488.           Shalini Gera
489.           Shalini Mits Gender Rights Activist
490.           Shalmali Guttal Researcher
491.           Shampa Roy
492.           Sharanya Cultural activist, Rangmatipadar, Koraput
493.           Sharda dixit Principal
494.           Sharifa Siddiqui
495.           Sharmistha Saha IIT Bombay
496.           Sharvari Deshpande Art Student
497.           Shashi Shekhar Praasd Singh University of Delhi
498.           Shaunak Mahbubani Curator
499.           Sheeba Chadha Na
500.           Sheela Gowda visual artist
501.           Shefalee Jain Artist
502.           Shefali Saini TISS Mumbai
503.           Sheila Makhijani
504.           Sherna Dastur
505.           Shikha Gala Artist
506.           Shikha Sen Editor and teacher
507.           Shilpi Filmmaker and researcher
508.           Shivam Rastogi The Third Eye
509.           Shivangi Mariam Raj Independent Researcher and Translator
510.           Shoby Michael Visual artist
511.           Shreeparna Mitra
512.           Shreerupa Banerjee
513.           Shruti Sareen Unemployed academic
514.           Shruti Sharada Queer Feminist Writer
515.           Shubhangi Bhong
516.           Shubhangi Singh
517.           Shubhra Artist
518.           Shuddhabrata Sengupta
519.           Shweta Azad
520.           Siddhant Student
521.           Siddhartha Dutta Proofreaderpp
522.           Siddheshwar Engineer
523.           Simonti Sen Director, State Archives, WB
524.           Sitangshu Pramanik Retired Govt Officer
525.           Sitaram Singh Theatre activist
526.           SK S Unemployed
527.           Smriti Nevatia IAWRT India
528.           Sneha Ragavan
529.           Sneha Sharma University of Delhi
530.           Solanki Chakraborty Cinematographer
531.           Sonam Artist
532.           Sonam Student
533.           Sonia khurana : Visual artist , independant, with ideological affiliations to what JNU, ans other free thinking institutions stand for.
534.           Soumitro Ghosh
535.           Soumya Tejas Filmmaker
536.           Sourav Sarangi Filmmaker
537.           Sree sandeep Dangeti architect
538.           Sreelekshmi Namboothiri Student
539.           Srinjoyee Dutta
540.           Stuti Ambedkar University
541.           Subba Ghosh Artist
542.           Subhankar Ghose
543.           Suchandra Kundu
544.           Sudhanva Deshpande LeftWord Books
545.           Sudhanya Roy Chowdhury
546.           Sudheer Palsane
547.           Suhit
548.           Sujata Gothoskar
549.           Sujata Raghavan Freelance Development Writer
550.           Sujay Artist
551.           Sumit Baag Practicing Artist
552.           Sumit Singla
553.           Sumita
554.           Sumitra Curator
555.           Sumo Banerjee
556.           Sunanda
557.           Suneeta Activist
558.           Sunil Gupta Artist
559.           Sunil Kumar Evaney Youth facilitator, Synergy Sansthan. Harda(Madhya Pradesh)
560.           Sunil Manilal Kothari school of Arts andvAesthetics JNU New Delhi
561.           Sunil Shanbag Theatre director
562.           Sunish Kumar Deb
563.           Sunitha Kumar Emmart
564.           Supriya Madangarli
565.           Surabhi Sharma Filmmaker
566.           Suraj Pawar NA
567.           Surajit C Mukhopadhyay Academic
568.           Surekha Artist
569.           Suresh Jayaram Art historian.
570.           Suresh Rajamani
571.           Susanta Mandal Artist
572.           Sushama Deshpande Theatre activist
573.           Sushma Veerappa Indian
574.           Susie Tharu
575.           Suvanj Independent
576.           Suvarna ravi salve Siddharth college of arts commerce and science .,mumbai university
577.           Swati Goswami
578.           Swati Jain Assistant Professor
579.           Swati Kumari
580.           T Jayashree filmmaker
581.           Tabinda Akhtar Rizvi
582.           Tallur L.N. Artist
583.           Tanika sarkar Retired professor jawaharlal Nehru university delhi
584.           Tanushree Gangopadhyay Journalist Independent
585.           Tanvi Chowdhary
586.           Tara Rai Ashoka University
587.           Tara Rao
588.           Tarini Manchanda
589.           Tarun Jain Journalist/Filmmaker
590.           Tarun Pain
591.           Tasneem Balasinorwala
592.           Teena Gill Filmmaker
593.           Teerna Bhattacharyya National Centre for Biological Sciences, TIFR, Bangalore
594.           Tejaswini Niranjana Writer and academic
595.           Tenzin
596.           Tripti dessi
597.           Uma Bhrugubanda Academic, Hyderabad
598.           Umang Baheti
599.           Urmila Self employed
600.           Urmita Ray Associate professor of History, West Bengal Education Service
601.           Usha Iyer Stanford University
602.           Ushasi Roy Justice
603.           Uttam Ghosh
604.           Uzramma Independent researcher
605.           V s Sreedhara I support
606.           Vaishali
607.           Vaishnavi Ambatipudi
608.           Vaishnavi Gandhi Student
609.           Vaishnavi R
610.           Vani Subramanian Filmmaker
611.           Vanshika Babbar Student, M. S. U Baroda
612.           Varsha Nair
613.           Varunika Saraf Artist/ Art Historian
614.           Vasantha WSS
615.           Vasudha Thozhur Artist
616.           Vasuki Chandak Artist
617.           Vasvi Oza Artist
618.           Veena P
619.           Venu Arora Researcher Filmmaker Radio enthusiast
620.           Venu maddipati
621.           Veronica Xavier CRY – Child Rights and You
622.           Vidur Sethi Cultural Practitioner
623.           Vidya Das Arora Gargi College (retd)
624.           Vidya kamat Artist
625.           Vijay Bharatiya
626.           Vijay Pratap Singh Aditya
627.           Vijay Sankaran
628.           Vijaya Kumar seethappa Earthworms collective.
629.           Vikas Rawal Professor, JNU
630.           Vinaya Malati Hari Personal
631.           Vinod Raja Film. Maker/ Dop
632.           Vishal Patil Actor
633.           Vishnu Kolleri Individual
634.           Vivan Sundaram Artist self employed
635.           Vivek Sharma
636.           Vrinda Phadke Individual
637.           Vrishali Purandare Artist
638.           Vyankatesh Sambrani Individual
639.           Yagya
640.           Yamini Sharma Self employed
641.           Yashodhara Dalmia Art Historian
642.           Yugashri S A
643.           Zasha Colah NABA, Milan