Aligarh Mosque Covered in Tarp Ahead of Holi Celebrations 'To Maintain Peace'

As per the police, the mosque is located in a 'sensitive' area of Aligarh.

New Delhi: A mosque in Aligarh has been covered with a tarpaulin sheet before the festival of Holi, in order to maintain peace, news agencies like ANI and IANS have reported.

According to a News18 report which bases itself on the agencies’ accounts, the Superintendent of Police (SP) Abhishek has said that the action was taken after consultations with local representatives. “This is a trend that is followed to maintain peace and harmony,” he said.

As per the police, the mosque is located in a sensitive area of Aligarh and measures are being taken to ensure that Holi celebrations remain peaceful.

“We have taken several preventive measures. Rapid Action Force and local police will be patrolling the area and drones are keeping an eye on the terrace of the houses in the region. Adequate forces will be deployed in sensitive areas during Holi celebrations,” he added and said that notices had been issued to 5,000 people.

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According to the report in ANI, Halwaiyan Masjid near Aligarh’s “sensitive” Abdul Karim Chouraha has been covered with canopy and tarpaulins so that no one can smear the mosque with colours during Holi.

Mosques and mazars have been a prime target of arson, destruction and loot in the Delhi communal riots that took place at the end of February.