Radhika Apte Disappointed That #MeToo Movement Did Not Change Bollywood

The actor said another issue which hasn't changed this decade is that of pay disparity.

Mumbai: Actor Radhika Apte believes that the #MeToo movement only had a short-lived presence in Bollywood as many things in the industry still remain unchanged.

The #MeToo movement gained momentum in India last year with women calling out actors, filmmakers, comedians, authors and journalists for their misconduct.

When asked about the things she liked or hated about the decade, Radhika said, “Me Too movement came and went. It is disappointing. A lot of things that should’ve changed, have not changed. A lot of things have not come out, have not changed. That’s really disappointing,”

The actor said another issue which still hasn’t changed, is that of pay disparity.

“There’s no pay parity at all. We don’t need to talk about pay parity like ‘should this A list actress get few more crores than a male A list actor.’ It’s not just that. If an A list actor is getting you that sure shot three crore of money, he should be getting paid more money, talking in broader strokes.

“But apart from the A-lister, the rest of the cast and crew is also made up of men and women. We don’t have parity there. There’s no excuse to not have parity there. They don’t affect your box office at all,” she said at the Times Network India Economic Conclave.

Giving an example, the Sacred Games actor said, “Suppose somebody plays someone’s father and mother, still the father gets paid more money than the mother! There’s absolutely no logic to that.”

Radhika said one of the wonderful things to have happened is more female representation on set.

“What has changed, is a lot of women behind the camera as technicians. Directors, writers, producers, editors, cinematographers. The crew has a lot of women and that’s a very good sign,” she added.