TODAY • May 22, 2019

9 hours ago
#RightSideUp: Narendra Modi, 'India's Bernie Sanders'?

2 hours ago
What the EC Is Hesitant to Tell the Public About EVMs and VVPATs

RTI queries have revealed, among other things, that the micro-controller used in the current elections is not one-time programmable, as consistently claimed by the Election Commission.

4 hours ago
The Indian Left Needs to Reinvent Itself

The future of the Left in India will depend on its ability to forge a 'cultural revolution' and fuse it with economic egalitarianism.

21 May
#PollVault: Emboldened By Exit Polls, BJP Asks Kamal Nath Govt to Prove Majority

A repository of the day's major election-related developments.

21 May
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