TODAY • Jul 16, 2019

04 Jun
Tejashwi Yadav Fought the 2019 Elections With 2020 in Mind – and It Backfired

10 Jul
#RightSideUp: A 'Bharatiya Budget'; Rahul Gandhi, 'Too Clever by Half'

A weekly round-up of voices from the right.

05 Jul
Budget 2019 Reeks of a Lack of Real Ambition

While troubles on the low investment are simply assumed away, the silence on major issues like job creation and the viability of agriculture was deafening. 

21 May
#PollVault: Emboldened By Exit Polls, BJP Asks Kamal Nath Govt to Prove Majority

A repository of the day's major election-related developments.

21 May
A daily round-up of trends and patterns on news television.
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