Lovely Professional University Professor Sacked After 'Derogatory' Comments About Ram

In a video recording of one of her lectures which went viral on social media, the professor can be heard calling Ram "cunning" and saying, "Ram is not a good person at all, Ravana is a good person".

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New Delhi: Lovely Professional University (LPU), a college based in Punjab’s Phagwara, sacked one of its professors on Saturday, April 23, after she purportedly used objectionable language while referring to Hindu god Ram.

In a screen recording of an online lecture which surfaced on social media on Saturday, Gursang Preet Kaur, the professor in question, can be heard saying, “Ram is not a good person at all; Ravana is a good person.”

“I find Ram is a cunning person; he came up with the plan to trap Sita; he put Sita into trouble and put all the blame on Ravana,” Kaur can be heard saying. 

“How can we say who is good and who is evil? And the whole world is worshipping Ram and saying Ravana is a bad person? All the plan is done by him (Ram), so how can he be so good?” she continues.

The recording, after going viral, reportedly drew backlash online, prompting the university to issue a statement.

Distancing itself from Kaur’s remarks, the statement says that her views are “absolutely personal” and that the university does not endorse any of them.

“We have always been a secular university where people of all religions are treated with love and respect,” the statement reads. “She has been relieved from the services with immediate effect.”

News agency PTI reported that university vice-president Aman Mittal confirmed that Kaur was sacked on Saturday.

(With PTI inputs.)