India Offers Medical Help to Nepal PM K.P. Oli

Last week, the 67-year-old Nepali prime minister underwent an appendectomy at a hospital in the Nepali capital. 

New Delhi: India has offered medical help to the ailing Nepal Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli, who is recovering from acute appendicitis and has been suffering from worsening renal health.

The letter from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to his Nepali counterpart was sent through the Indian embassy in Kathmandu on Saturday.

As per sources, Modi wished Oli “speedy and fully recovery after the recent surgery”.

Last week, the 67-year-old Nepali prime minister underwent an appendectomy at a hospital in the Nepali capital.

Due to rising health concern, Oli issued a short video on Monday. “The treatment went very well. As you can see through this update, I am doing fine at the moment,” he said in Nepali.

After his kidneys had collapsed, one of his kidneys was transplanted in New Delhi’s Apollo hospital in 2007.

Following the latest bout of health issues, India again offered medical help to the Nepali Prime Minister. “As a close friend of Nepal, PM Modi has offered on behalf of the government and people of India all possible help and assistance for further medical attention and advice,” said Indian official sources.

The last time he was in an Indian hospital was in 2017 after a health scare during the election campaign. But, he had not been head of government at that time.

Oli is, however, unlikely to take up on the Indian offer. China had also apparently offered similar medical assistance to Oli.

He has been going to Singapore for treatment since August to remove antibodies that could reject his transplanted liver since he became Nepal’s head of government. It is apparently yet another way of Oli to balance Nepal between the two Asian giants.

When The Wire asked the Nepali PM’s foreign policy adviser Rajan Bhattarai if India’s offer for medical help will be accepted, he said, “PM Oli has received best wishes and speedy recovery messages from world leaders including Indian, Chinese and many others. Regarding his further treatment issue, it would be decided with the consultation of medical team when the time is ripe for it”.