At China's Request, UN Security Council Will Discuss Kashmir Situation

The meeting was originally scheduled for December 24 but could not take place at the time.

New Delhi: The situation in Kashmir will come up for discussion in a closed door meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday evening after China insisted the matter be taken up, diplomatic sources said.

Though other members of the council – notably France – have said they will oppose a discussion on the Kashmir issue, China has said it will raise the matter under the ‘any other business’ part of the meeting’s agenda.

According to a French diplomatic source, “France has noted the request of a UNSC member to raise the issue of Kashmir once again in this body. France’s position has not changed and is very clear: the Kashmir issue must be settled bilaterally – as we have stated on several occasions and will continue to reiterate to our partners on the United Nations Security Council.”

The meeting was originally scheduled for December 24 but did not take place at that time. It has now been rescheduled for January 15.

Indian officials say that even if a discussion takes place, there will be no “outcome”.

This is what happened when China brought up Kashmir at a UNSC meeting on August 17 last year, just after the scrapping of Article 370.