Air Force Appoints First Ever Woman Defence Attaché

Wing Commander Anjali Singh will represent the Air Force in Moscow.

New Delhi: Indian Air Force’s Wing Commander Anjali Singh has been named the country’s first woman defence attaché at an Indian mission abroad, reported The New Indian Express.

As defence envoy, Singh will represent the country in defence and military related matters to a foreign government, which in her case will be Russia. All three branches of the Armed Forces send envoys to as many as 95 countries. The roles have hitherto gone only to men.

Express has reported that Singh took charge as deputy air attaché last Monday.

The paper also quoted sources in the Navy as having mentioned that it is in the process of finalising the names of women officers for similar appointments abroad. The Army, however, remains some distance some achieving a similar feat of equality because officers need to have completed command tenure before being appointed as envoys and women are only now beginning to take up these positions.

This July, PTI had reported that the Air Force had a women’s contingent of 1,900 officers. Eight of them were fighter pilots. Seventeen are navigators. The Air Force is understood to have the highest percentage of women out of the three wings of the Armed Forces.