Podcast: In Last 7 Years, Muslims Have Found Co-Existence With Old Neighbours Is Near Impossible

In conversation with Ghazala Wahab, author of the book 'Born a Muslim: Some Truths About Islam in India'.

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The escalation of violence against Muslims in recent years has reached alarming levels. Along with the physical attacks, has come legislative measures by the centre and the states, including the Citizens Amendment Act and a ban on s0-called ‘love jihad’ marriages.

UP has seen occasional violence in the past, but what is different now is that the state is leading it, says Ghazala Wahab in this podcast discussion with Sidharth Bhatia. “This is a unique phenomena,” says Wahab, author of the book Born a Muslim: Some Truths About Islam in India. What is worse, she says, other parties in UP have stopped speaking up for the Muslims.