'Love Jihad' Cry as Outlets, Twitter Users Mistake Maharashtrian 'Topi' for Islamic Cap

Hindutva propaganda outlets and Twitter users claimed a clothing company had promoted 'love jihad' by showing an inter-religious couple.

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A screenshot taken from the website of clothing brand ‘Karagiri’, which shows a couple, has been shared with a message that says the brand is promoting ‘love jihad’.

‘Love jihad’ is a phrase coined and popularised by rightwing Hindutva groups alleging an unproven conspiracy led by Muslims to convert Hindu women into Islam through marriage.

The photo is described on the website as, “ADITI MALIK in Ocean Blue Kanjivaram Saree” and on the right of Aditi Malik is a man who has adorned a cap. It has been assumed he is wearing an Islamic cap.

From the Twitter account of one ‘Harsha Patel’, the image with an accompanying claim targeting the brand received close to 1,500 retweets.

The image was also shared by pro-BJP propaganda outlet Kreately that later took it down. It has also been shared by other users on Twitter, here and here.