A flooded ground along Old Mahabalipuram Road in Chennai following two days of cyclonic rains in the city. Credit: Vijay Thamarai

Can We Really Prevent Floods By Planting More Trees?

As heavy rain continues to contribute to the devastating flooding in Cumbria, there have once again been calls – notably from the environmentalist George Monbiot – for the reforestation of our uplands, to help tackle rural flooding. The government has stated that it is funding the planting of […]

Tolerance and Dissent are Anathema to Us

I am amazed when Indians glibly claim that tolerance, pluralism and unity in diversity have always been the hallmark of our nation. Pluralism and diversity I would grant, but tolerance? We need to get real. We have always been a most intolerant people. Yes, we are ready to celebrate […]

Palestine in My [He]art

As a teenager living in Hyderabad in the mid 1970s, I had briefly befriended a group of Palestinian students studying at Osmania University and living in an apartment in my neighbourhood. I don’t remember their names or much else about them, but I do remember tasting hummus for […]