Omar Sharif in a scene from the movie 'Lawrence of Arabia'. Source: YouTube Screengrab

Omar Sharif, Star of Lawrence of Arabia, is Dead

When Omar Sharif, as Sherif Ali, rode on a camel on to the shimmering desert in Lawrence of Arabia, the world discovered a new movie star. Cast opposite Peter O’Toole, who played the eponymous T.E. Lawrence, Sharif quickly became a heartthrob among female fans and continued to be one […]

A still from 'Duniya mein' from 'Apna Desh'. Source: YouTube Screengrab

Around the World with R.D. Burman

Today is the 76th birth anniversary of the great Rahul Dev Burman or Pancham as he was called by one and all (and by his fans), one of the most innovative music directors in Hindi cinema. Though he often used to be derided during his life time for lifting songs, […]