Aruna Shanbaug

The Spectre of Aruna Shanbaug

Aruna Shanbaug vanished the day she was attacked, when her life was constructed thought the narratives of caring, euthanasia, the medical and legal professions, and she became nothing more than a spectre in her own story.


No One Prosecuted J Jayalalithaa

Why was the State of Tamil Nadu, which Jaya’s party controls, allowed to prosecute her in the High Court? Why did the Congress-run state government in Karnataka allow this? Why did the BJP remain silent as the case was sabotaged?

Women police officers are put at the forefront of stopping crimes against women in Bhopal.

Policing By the Women, For the Women, Of the Women

The Nirbhaya Mobile has the potential to be a breakthrough for women’s safety. It already has the power to issue on-the-spot zero FIRs. If it came equipped with amenities afforded to other PCR vans, and special equipment to assist women, it could provide the first point of safe contact for women who find themselves in danger.