The Man Who Killed Journalism

This is a book about Rupert Murdoch – the most powerful media Moghul in the world – and his tabloid empire in Britain. He is someone who uses the clout of his myriad media outlets to browbeat, bully and destroy politicians he does not like, even as he openly […]

A Book On Firaq that Leaves One Thirsting for More

In my current pre-occupations with the depressing state of world affairs, the arrival of a book, Firaq Gorakhpuri: The Poet of Pain and Ecstasy, for review, provided relief. The author, Ajai Mansingh claims to be a relative of Firaq. This intrigued me. Raghupati Sahai ‘Firaq’, was a straightforward […]

When Farooq Shouted at RAW Chief During Kandahar Hijack

New Delhi: Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah shouted at the then RAW Chief A S Dulat for “hours together” during their meeting after the erstwhile BJP-led government of Atal Bihari Vajpayee decided to release three hardcore militants in exchange for the freedom of the passengers of the […]