Reliance Infra Claims 100% Lenders Have Signed Agreement for Resolving Debt

With the signing of the inter-creditor agreement, it has got a standstill period for 180 days.

New Delhi: Anil Ambani-run Reliance Infrastructure Thursday claimed that all the 16 lenders have signed the mandatory inter-creditor agreement for resolving its debt of around Rs 7,500 crore.

It can be noted that the RBI mandates only 75% of lenders by value and 60% of them by the number to sign the inter-creditor agreement for a resolution plan.

“As per the June 7 Reserve Bank circular, 100% of our lenders have signed the inter-creditor agreement for resolution of our debt,” Reliance Infrastructure said in a statement on Thursday.

According to the new circular, if a borrower defaults to any of the lenders, others will have to review the account within 30 days from the default, called as review period.

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During the review period, banks may decide on a resolution plan and wherever a plan has to be implemented, all lenders will have enter into an ICA within those 30 days to finalise and implement the resolution plan, which has to be approved by 65% of the financial creditors.

The inter-creditor agreement shall provide that any decision agreed by lenders representing 75% by value of total outstanding credit facilities and 60% of lenders by number shall be binding upon all the lenders.

With the signing of the inter-creditor agreement, it has got a standstill period for 180 days. “We are confident of implementing the resolution plan well before the 180-days deadline based on advanced progress of our various asset monentisation initiatives,” the company said in the statement.

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It has already announced the sale of the Delhi-Agra toll road for an enterprise value of Rs 3,600 crore. With this single deal, its debt will come down by over 25% to just over Rs 4,000 crore, the company claimed.

It also plans to monetise its 7 lakh square ft of its group headquarters Reliance Center in suburban Santacruz by leasing out the property.

Last year, it sold its Mumbai energy business to Adani Transmission for Rs 18,800 crore which helped it lower debt to Rs 7,500 crore from Rs 22,000 crore.