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A screengrab from the shortfilm 'Agli Baar'. Source: YouTube

Agli Baar … And Then They Came For Me

It’s a short, powerful film and it hits you right in the solar plexus. Devashish Makhija’s Agli Baar (‘The Next Time’) marries the tools of modern communication—Skype, Smart Phones, the Internet—with the violent, sectarian corrupted, lawless ways of modern India to come up with a frightening parable of […]

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Govt. Dials Back on Order to Ban All Porn

The government has dialled back its order to ban 857 websites in India for supposedly hosting pornographic content following a public outcry since August 1, when the order was enforced by ISPs. According to various reports, the Centre was reviewing its order and mulling a ban only against websites hosting […]