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S. Anand

A Maddening Sweet Utterance

A Bhairavi thumri, as sung by the reclusive Anjanibai Malpekar, the unsung queen of the genre, who taught many later stars of the Hindustani classical world, including Begum Akhtar, Kumar Gandharva and Kishori Amonkar

File photo of V Rohith, who was found hanging in a hostel room in the University of Hyderabad.

I Have to Go – A Kafi to Be Sung at Rohith’s Urs

The celebration of the union of the soul of a deceased pīr with the beloved Pathanay Khan, a wandering singer from the Thal desert of Pakistan, sings this ‘kafi’ by Shah Hussein in raag Des with such affection and feeling that even I can understand Punjabi with the music and […]