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Omair Ahmad

Omair Ahmad

Omair Ahmad is Books Editor at The Wire. His last novel, Jimmy the Terrorist, was shortlisted for the Man Asian Literary Prize, and won the Crossword Award. His last book was a political history of Bhutan and the eastern Himalayan region. He is concurrently the Managing Editor, South Asia, at The Third Pole. You can find him on twitter at @omairtahmad.

A River Runs Through It

In River of Life, River of Death, Victor Mallet largely interrogates the core question as to why devout Indians, who revere the Ganga, are so comfortable with the river’s terrible pollution.

A Djinn and a Cat Walk Into a Bar…

Unable to answer questions about why children knew the names of lord Ram’s brothers and Jesus’s mother but not the Prophet’s mother, Anita Nair decided to try and learn – and tell – such tales in her new book Muezza and Baby Jaan.

Israeli Success, Palestinian Misery

A book on Israel’s success in water management deliberately ignores the brutal military reality of water conquest, while another by a Palestinian journalist during the Israeli Operation Protective Edge in 2014, can only see the harm