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Rajnath Singh Orders Probe After BSF Soldier Alleges Jawans Served Bad Food

In videos posted on social media, Tej Bahadur Yadav has alleged that soldiers deployed at the Indo-Pakistan border in Jammu and Kashmir are being served food of a substandard quality.

BSF soldier Tej Bahadur Yadav. Credit: Facebook

BSF soldier Tej Bahadur Yadav. Credit: Facebook

A series of videos by a Border Security Force (BSF) soldier deployed along the Indo-Pakistan border in Jammu and Kashmir alleging that the troops are being served food of a substandard quality has prompted the force to initiate an inquiry into the matter.

According to an Indian Express report, clips from a series of four videos depict constable Tej Bahadur Yadav sitting with half-burnt food in his hand and a glass of tea, claiming that it was all that the troops were served for breakfast.

Yadav, who is from the BSF’s 29th battalion based in J&K, further alleged that the troops were forced to serve in the BSF “because of corruption by senior officials” and demanded a probe into the matter.

With the videos that were posted on Facebook having gone viral, home minister Rajnath Singh on Monday said he had seen the footage and has sought a detailed report from the BSF on the same, the Times of India reported.

The BSF on its part tweeted that an inquiry into the matter had been ordered.

According to Hindustan Times, Kiren Rijiju, the union home minister of state, also commented on the issue and said that the government has taken “serious note” of the allegations made by Yadav.

In a series of tweets, Rijiju said he had found a “high level of satisfaction amongst the jawans” during his regular visit to the border, which is in sharp contrast to the BSF soldier Yadav’s allegations that the soldiers often had to starve because the higher-ups and officials sold off ration “illegally”.

Yadav told India Today that after the video he uploaded went viral, he was transferred from the BSF camp to the headquarters and assigned the job of a plumber. He added that his commandant had tried to persuade him to take the video down.

In an attempt to discredit the allegations, a senior BSF official told Hindustan Times that Yadav has been issued reprimands for alleged violation of discipline and has applied for voluntary retirement. “However, the force has already ordered for a full investigation into the allegations made by Yadav who joined the force in 1996,” the official added.

A statement issued by BSF further pointed to Yadav’s history of run-ins with his superiors. According to Firstpost, the statement claimed that “From initial days of his [Yadav] career, he needed regular counselling. Different correction mechanics have been applied for the individual’s welfare as he was habitual offender of absenteeism without permission, chronic alcoholism, misbehaving and using force with superior officers and certain other acts against good order and discipline.”

“For such reasons, individual has served mostly in headquarters under supervision of some dedicated superior officer.”

A Facebook post said that Yadav’s wife claimed that he was missing. The post has since, been deleted.