India-born Singer-Songwriter Peter Sarstedt Passes Away

Sartsedt had one big hit, "where do you go to my lovely" which topped the British charts in 1969

Delhi-born Peter Sarstedt, who became a well-known singer in the west died on Sunday of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, according to news reports. He was 75.

Sarstedt, who recorded many ballads, was primarily known for the super hit, “Where do you go to my Lovely” which reached number 1 in UK in February 1969. The song, about a poor girl who reaches the heights of the European jet set was said to be based on actor Sophia Loren, though he never confirmed it. The song made him into a star but none of his other songs hit the same heights. He got a lease of life when the song was used in Wes Anderson’s films Hotel Chevalier and Darjeeling Express.

Born in British India, Sarstedt attended Victoria Boys’ School in Kurseong, West Bengal where his parents worked in a tea plantation. The family – Peter and two other brothers — moved to Britain in 1954. His brothers, Eden Kane (real name Richard Graham) and Clive Sands (Robin), both had careers in music.

Other Sarstedt songs were Beirut, Take off your clothes and Frozen Orange Juice. He also wrote songs evoking his India years, such as Kurseong and Strategy Chatterjee, which are listed in his albums but are difficult to trace. He created a total of 14 albums, the last one, Restless Heart, was released in 2013.

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