Watch: Ten Days After Demonetisation, This Is What The Working Class Has To Say

It has been ten days since Prime Minister Narendra Modi demonetised 500 and 1,000 rupee currency notes, and there have been many news reports on the chaos that the process of currency exchange has created. The Wire visited various banks, ATMs, and even the Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) to get a pulse on how people think about demonetisation. You can watch that video report here.

On the tenth day, we visited Narela in the North West district of Delhi to speak to factory workers, daily wage earners, housewives and migrant workers about how they are dealing with this unprecedented situation. Narela is an industrial area located at the Delhi-Haryana border, and most of the people living there belong to the working class and poor sections of the society.

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  • Rohini

    What the first set of labourers spoke about is that the ‘boss’ holds black money and is getting rid of it in this manner. The Wire must report it to the right quarters so that action can be taken against the man. The ladies are ranting against Modi – that’s a view point and is very valid. They have a right to their opinions.
    What about also showing a clip of the other side – where there are people very happy about this move? I think reporters must show both sides of the story, So far, the wire is only doing stories of negativity.
    I feel sorry for the woman who shed a few tears but they are NOTHING compared to the tears and pain I have felt trying to stay ‘above’ black money and corruption in India. If she is crying about a few days/weeks of inconvenience, I am crying about the YEARS of pent up sorrow at the rotten system. So, per the selfish gene theory, I am sorrier for myself – an honest tax payer who is weak and poor and has to battle against a corrupt, stinking, rotten system.
    How about the Wire interview me too? I have lots of tears to shed.