The Wire's Coverage of the Trump Win

From how Donald Trump got elected to what his presidency means for India, we bring a series of articles that analyse what happened and predict what is to come.

Lies on Facebook trumped real journalism in this election and the problem will get worse

American political discourse in 2016 seems to have run on two self-contained, never-overlapping sets of information. Joshua Benton

We have been there, American friends, and this is how it turns out

Some of your friends and relatives would have supported Donald Trump all along but never made it explicit. That may now change. Mahesh Rao

What lies ahead for India-US ties under President Trump

The five main areas for India to look out for in the new administration. Devirupa Mitra

A Trump presidency will be a blow to India on many counts

Indian business leaders are concerned that the rabble-rousing business tycoon’s tough trade beliefs and xenophobia could negatively impact the country. Uttara Choudhury

What Donald Trump’s victory means for the rest of the world

After seeing the worst of American democracy, the outside world will have to adjust to a hugely unpredictable president. Natasha Ezrow

Not one major poll or analyst predicted Trump defeating Clinton

From Reuters to Nate Silver, from the New York Times to the Washington Post, a great majority of polls had indicated a Clinton victory. Jahnavi Sen

Shock but not surprise as Trump victory replays Brexit all over again

Hillary Clinton promised more of the same to a nation that, after eight years of the Obama’s presidency, was more unequal and seething with discontent on Left and Right. The last thing it wanted was someone attached to the centre-ground. Inderjeet Parmar

The republic reels as Trump towers

The US has not just elected an economic populist with a policy agenda designed to rescue neglected classes. It’s chosen a royalist who has never for a moment dwelt among ordinary Americans, a man whose monstrous egocentrism amounts to clinical solipsism. James Traub

Apprehensive world leaders need not worry yet, the US’s peculiar political system will keep Trump in check

At the end of the day,Trump’s policymaking will depend on the team that executes it, and, as of now, no one has a clue about what this team will look like. Manoj Joshi

Trump has won, now brace yourself

Even as we accept the verdict, we need to find ways to move our personal and political lives forward in the face of this tectonic defeat. Abhimanyu Chandra

The economic factors behind the Trump triumph

Slower growth is making people despair and dividing society, something that Trump has exploited well during his campaign. Nilanjan Banik

If Trump voters took any of his promises seriously, they’re in for a world of surprises

His anti-intellectual proclivities and unsophisticated solutions for the US’s socio-economic issues were favoured by many. But they will soon realise his rhetoric consisted of mostly empty promises that cannot be fulfilled now or in the foreseeable future. Sumit Ganguly

Advancing technology might keep Trump from delivering on jobs promise

Robots are already beginning to cost less to manufacture and operate than human salaries. This will ensure a spike in the use of AI, rather than creating more American jobs. Vivek Wadhwa

Trump’s rise highlights the decline of the ‘career politician’

The preferred politician is now someone who has a separate expertise, say commercial or legal, and joins politics to intervene in an existing problem. Sampad Patnaik

The Trump campaign tapped into the white American’s raw anger

After the Obama years, Americans were itching to go back to their roots. Harish Khare

Trump’s victory was not a class act

The idea that the Trump phenomenon is primarily about class ignores the fact that voting for him had more to do with being white than being poor. Rajesh Venugopal

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