#fieldworkfail, an Endearing Chronicle of Scientists in Their Natural Environment

If you grew up watching Dexter’s Lab or broadcasts of ISRO’s mission control room on DD News, you would’ve picked up a lot of science as well as a misconception: that scientists are all about working in a closed-off space with an intimidating array of instruments, donning labcoats (originally white-coloured) and goggles, and as a matter of convention not finding anything funny. But as it happens, there are also many scientists out there getting their hands dirty with natural, not just lab-made, gunk.

Consider the tweets tagged #fieldworkfail on Twitter. From getting their legs stuck in tarpits to glueing themselves to crocodiles to dropping cheetah poop on themselves, #fieldworkfail is in retrospect #fieldworkwin, depicting scientists in their natural environments, showing them making mistakes like the rest of us, but most importantly showing in insightful light what science really is: about being curious, taking initiative and being honest about the results. And to the hashtag’s additional credit, the tweets scientists are also hilarious.

And like all humans…

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