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National Security Advisory Board Reconstituted, But With Fewer Members

Only four members have been appointed so far, while previous boards have had about fourteen members.

New Delhi: After over a year and half of being defunct, the National Security Advisory Board (NSAB) was reconstituted recently, but with less than a quarter of the members.

The term of the previous NSAB chairman, former foreign secretary, Shyam Saran ended in January 2015. But the Narendra Modi government kept the organisation frozen, taking its time to select new faces for the body.

According to PTI, India’s former ambassador to Russia, P.S. Raghavan is the new head of the NSAB. Along with him, three other new members were also named: former RAW special secretary and Special Protection Group chief, A.B. Mathur; China watcher, Lieutenant General (retired) S. L. Narasimhan and international law expert, Bimal N. Patel of Gujarat National Law University.

That means, only four members have been announced so far, when compared to 14 members in the previous board. But like previously constituted boards, it will have a term of two years.

The first meeting was held last week. The website is yet to be updated, with the members page still claiming, “A new NSAB is yet to be appointed”.

The NSAB is one of the three arms of national security management, including the National Security Council and the Strategic Policy Group.

The organisation is tasked with drawing long-term analyses of important geo-political and strategic trends which could impact India.

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