Review: How Western Philosophers Keep Eurocentricism Alive

A reader brought to our notice that some sections of this review could have been plagiarised. A subsequent investigation revealed some obvious similarities (whole sentences copied word for word) to this article. We apologise unreservedly for publishing the review and are taking it down.

  • Rohini

    Just curious.. my earlier comment on how any similar attempt to write about Indian phiiplosipophical traditions and question western ones would be labeled hindutva wadi and right wing..I would like to know why it was removed. What, can you tell me, contravened your guidelines? A brief explanation would be courteous else it only looks like you are abrogating for yourself and your views the right to freedom of expression.
    Observing the discourse by shrill so called intellectual voices in India over the years, I, as an independent citizen of this country, have an opinion. Why do you try to muzzle my opinion? Are you afraid of targeted questions and viewpoints and contrarian opinions..opinions that go against your preferred viewpoint?

    That’s such a pity.