Jeremy Corbyn Sweeps Labour Leadership Contest

Corbyn has been re-elected leader of the Labour Party.

Jeremy Corbyn has won a landslide victory to retain his position as leader of the Labour Party, securing a wider mandate than when first elected last year, the Guardian reports. Corbyn secured 61.8% to beat rival Own Smith. With the victory, Corbyn has strengthened his hold on the party, ending a “coup” attempt by more moderate lawmakers who say his left-wing agenda can never deliver victory at the polls.

The veteran campaigner’s triumph, by 313,209 to 193,229 votes, cements his authority over the deeply divided party and will fuel his drive to turn Labour further to the left – a move many of his colleagues say will see them out of power and allow the ruling Conservatives free rein to set Britain’s divorce from the EU.

(With Reuters inputs)

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