Mulayam Appoints Amar Singh as Samajwadi Party General Secretary

You have been appointed general secretary of [the] Samajwadi Party (SP). I hope in the coming days you will strengthen the party in Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections," Mulayam said in a handwritten letter to Amar Singh.

NEW DELHI/INDIA, November 16, 2008 -Amar Singh, Member of Parliament and General Secretary, India,, speaks during a plenary session on the political landscape at the World Economic Forum's India Economic Summit 2008 in New Delhi, 16-18 November 2008. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Amar Singh in a file photo. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

New Delhi: In a decision that may be seen as yet another snub to son Akhilesh Yadav, Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav yesterday appointed Amar Singh as the national general secretary of the party, almost six years after he was removed from the same post, as well as the party.

“You have been appointed general secretary of [the] Samajwadi Party (SP). I hope in the coming days you will strengthen the party in Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections,” Mulayam said in a handwritten letter to Singh.

The brief letter in Hindi, signed by Mulayam on his Lok Sabha letterhead, was sent to the media from state SP chief Shivpal Yadav’s official e-mail address.

Once the public face of the party, Singh was seen as Mulayam’s closest aide. However, Singh along with his close associate Jaya Prada were expelled from the Samajwadi Party in February, 2010.

Subsequently, Singh had floated his own political party, Rashtriya Lok Manch in 2011. He fielded a large number of candidates in 2012 assembly polls but no one won.

Singh had joined the Rashtriya Lok Dal and contested the 2014 Lok Sabha poll from Fatehpur Sikri but lost. He was re-inducted into the party and made Rajya Sabha member only a few months ago.

Yesterday’s decision may be seen as another snub to Akhilesh. Akhilesh, who had stripped minister Shivpal of key portfolios, had to restore all but one of those ministries. He also had to bring back one minister whom he had sacked.

Akhilesh also had to “accept” Shivpal as the party’s state unit chief, a post to which his uncle had been appointed replacing him.

It was only yesterday that Shivpal asserted his power by expelling the party functionaries considered close to Akhilesh.

With the decision on Amar Singh, Mulayam has sent a message to Akhilesh and cousin Ram Gopal that Singh is important for the party.

Though SP big wigs were strongly against Singh, often described as an “outsider”, Mulayam threw his weight behind him, first by making him a Rajya Sabha member some time ago and now allotting him an important party post.

Interestingly, during the feud between Mulayam’s brother Shivpal and son Akhilesh, Singh was seen as the one who had engineered it.

Akhilesh, while apparently referring to Singh, had recently said that “people from outside the household” keep interfering in the SP’s affairs.

Mulayam’s cousin Ram Gopal Yadav had also made a veiled attack on Singh during the feud, saying they have no love for the party and hence are creating trouble.

Commenting on that Singh had said, “Akhilesh is like a son and Mulayam like a brother.

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