How The Wire is Funded

The Wire's newsroom. Credit: Akhil Kumar

The Wire’s newsroom. Credit: Akhil Kumar

The Foundation for Independent Journalism (FIJ) – the non-profit company that publishes The Wire – is pleased to announce the receipt of Rs 1.95 crore from the Independent and Public Spirited Media Foundation in the form of a grant commencing August 2016. A second tranche of Rs 1.75 crore was received  in March 2017, bringing the total funding from the IPSMF to Rs 3.7 crore.

From its inception till now, the running expenses for The Wire have been covered by its founders and by donations from individual readers and well-wishers. The Wire’s Science coverage is fully funded by specifically earmarked contributions from Rohan Murty, who made a first grant of Rs 50 lakh in December 2015 and a follow-up grant of the same amount in May 2017.

The IPSMF grant will partially cover our running expenses for one year and help us bring to our readers the kind of high quality public-interest journalism they have come to expect of The Wire.

As a not-for-profit media venture, The Wire is dependent on donations from readers and philanthropically-minded individuals (who, by law, must be Indian citizens) for the bulk of its revenue.

The FIJ would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have made donations and would like to appeal to The Wire‘s readers and supporters to help supplement the money raised so far with contributions, large and small, to help us meet current and future expenditure.

You can donate to us online via Instamojo. If you prefer cheques, please make yours payable to the Foundation for Independent Journalism and mail it to:

The Wire
13, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg (1st floor)
Gole Market, New Delhi 110 001

About the Foundation for Independent Journalism

The Wire is owned and published by the Foundation for Independent Journalism (FIJ), a not-for-profit company registered under Section 8 of the Company Act, 2013, with CIN U74140DL2015NPL285224. Its registered office is in New Delhi, India. The FIJ is registered under Section12AA (a) of the IT Act, 1961, and its registration number is DEL – FR25178 – 14062016 of the register maintained in the office of the Commissioner of Income Tax (E).

About IPS Media Foundation

Independent and Public-Spirited Media Foundation is a public charitable trust registered vide a trust deed executed on July 1, 2015, as document No. 99 IV (15-16) dated July 1, 2015, at the office of the Sub-Registrar, Gandhinagar, Bangalore, Karnataka. IPSMF has been registered under Section 12AA (a) of the IT Act, 1961 and its registration number is CIT(E)/BLR/12A/M-134/AABT12413E/ITO(E)-1/ Vol 2015-2016 with effect from 08.01.2016. IPSMF has also been granted approval under section 80G (5) (vi) of the IT Act 1961 with effect from 08.01.2016 (Approval no: CIT(E)/BLR/80G/M-135/AABT12413E/ITO(E)-1/ Vol 2015-2016).

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    The publication of wide-ranging articles on various topics makes the wire readable by all sections of society. It’s funding transparency is a welcome step and should be appreciated. Hopefully, the site would cover a lot more topics and standard papers and research articles beside poetry, stories, literary criticism, music, philosophy and psychology and so on.

  • Anjan Basu

    You are right! The Wire is rapidly filling up a void in the Indian journalistic landscape that was crying out for attention. Everyday, The Wire’s editors have been raising the bar steadily, and already it has started becoming more difficult for inept and inane journalistic amateurs to sell their wares to a discerning reading public. Great work, this, by The Wire and our best good wishes go with them!

  • It’s great to see such transparency. But isn’t true that residents of India who are not citizens (eg OCI, PIO) are allowed to donate funds to Indian nonprofits?

  • Kiran Urs

    Being the hopeless information addicts that I am , its refreshing to vist your well laid out websitefree from ads , click baits and all the crap due to which we started using adblockers.I hope that you continue to work in an independent way and publish more news & articles on a wide range of topics incuding but not limited to public-interest journalism.Wish you all the best for the future.

  • Anjan Basu

    The Wire continues to perform a signal service to the cause of Indian democracy in these trying times. We, The Wire’s regular readers, more than any other segment of our citizenry, owe it to ourselves to support this great venture financially, as well as in any manner that may help sustain this effort. Let us lend a hand, all of us!

    • Nonsense. The Wire is Siddharta Vardarajan’s hidey hole from the Hindu. I knew Siddhartha fresh out of Mayo. He could have done anything.

      Anjan, you can, from time to time, write well but you lack any sort of alethic sense. Also you have an elitist attitude. If someones says- please translate x which is written in your language- just do it okay? Don’t be such a precious snowflake.

      Anjan, we live in an interconnected world. If I say ‘this guy has a good translation of x’ in ten minutes the reverse will be proved to me beyond any possible doubt, cavil, or infirmity of suspicion.

      Frankly, if I was running a pro-Modi Ezine, I’d go one step further than Siddhartha down this particular line of idiocy.

      But then, though us guys are same caste, my Dad didn’t throw my Mum out of England and then marry a Muslim and preside over the Minority Commission.

      Both Tunku and his younger brother recapitulate this phylogeny.

      You- Anjan- you are just shite at writing and reasoning but that’s okay coz other Basus think you are so AMAZING!

      • Anjan Basu

        What to me IS amazing is your unbounded capacity for ( pardon my saying so) rant. Without your telling us, we can see you are intelligent, well-educated, and ‘well brought-up’. Then why not treat us, lesser mortals, with some consideration? I can see you have somehow developed a special affection for me, but can we not leave Mr Siddharth Varadarajan out of your tirade? Or some other fellow commenters who sometimes make the mistake of endorsing what I happen to say on a particular issue? Come on, Mr Windwheel, be a sport. Plebeians can be an eyesore, but you need to learn to live in a world where the plebs outnumber the patricians many times over.

        • It is a well established axiom of the Left that all attacks on journalists or scribblers of howsoever mean a description are the work of the Sangh Parivar. I am amazed that you attribute character assassination to me when I am clearly too right wing to have any such affiliation. This just shows your stupidity. Why are you not demanding a proper investigation of these vile attacks on you by the Karnataka Police so as to establish once and for all that they are directly attributable to Narendra Modi?

        • Anjan, I may have been unfair to you re. your poetic ‘transcreations’. You quite rightly say I have a soft spot for you- indeed for all Basus and Boses and other Kayasthas. Do I have a ‘special affection’ for you? Perhaps. No! The answer is yes! I am in debt to Christian Bengalis of your class- Shri Hiren Roychoudhri of YMCA fame- who showed me how discipline and clarity in helping others boosted one’s own prospects- a virtuous circle.

          But, dear Anjan, what happened to your Anushilan Samitis and Ramakrishna Missions and so on? We were looking East. My own very provincial pontiff, more than hundred years ago, said you Bengalis- despite pronouncing Sanskrit differently- were the people we should emulate.

          I am 55 years old and a lover of books. Raja Kumud Mukherjee is on my shelf. Okay, okay, so is Niradh Babu. But nothing much later than my birth. Ranajit Guha is a bad joke with his fake cult of the louche abortion procuring Ramram Basu. Yet, Bengal had declined so much that your younger generation felt obliged to believe that shite.

          Bengalis used to like people from remote provinces who came to engage them by nindastuta. There is an economic element to this.

          I am like a proletarian citizen of Delhi who weeps with suppressed hope and aspiration at the sight of Arvind Kejriwal’s moustache but who can’t overmaster the urge to slap that silly face.

          I suppose, the reason I waste so much time on fora like this is because of writer’s block- or rather my feeling that I am inadequate to any task save rasabhasa satire.

          One thing I bitterly regret about the decline of your class. In the old days if a senior officer misbehaved, you guys would have ensured he did the decent thing. Varadarajan did the wrong thing with his wife. His own caste was powerless because he was a UP cadre corrupt man with some quasi ‘Religious’ standing (the idiot grew a beard). Fortunately, Krishna Rasgotra- who was shepherding Madam Gandhi’s reversion to her mother’s Religion- dealt with that fool.

          Anyway, people like him encouraged Tambrams to go in for IT and either emigrate or set up their own businesses. So we don’t have a big problem of the sort Siddhartha and Patanjali faced. That latter was encouraged by his mum to go for ‘private’ education here in UK- a foolish request- and the father asked me (because I got into LSE at age 16 with top marks from a free school) to talk to the short and sly little shithead. Siddharta was tall, fat (nothing wrong with that) and Marxist (Mayo College version which can’t tell a Kurmi from a Khushwaha)- but he was the guy to bet the farm on.

          Rupert Murdoch was recruiting well connected Indians- some of whom have made good on their own steam- at the time. Patanjali, a charming fellow, made a big splash in the Indian journalistic community in Washington. Typically, he’d positioned himself as a ‘Human Rights’ type legal whistle-blower on Kashmir. But he had no ideology and having risen by Murdoch was broken by Murdoch.

          What of Siddhartha? His gross bulk may conceal a beating heart. But he fucked up. His Muslim step mother appeared imperilled by the ‘Fascism’ his stupid elitist world view was based on. He was a fucking terrible reporter. Then, when his Defence related pieces were dissected, it became clear which bunch of Tambrams were holding his hand. The man was exploded.

          Is he a good editor? No! He publishes shite. It’s as though he deliberately wants any Hindu who reads this to vote or give money to Modi. But, it does not end there. Any Muslim reading the Wire will recoil from it. Better a dhimmi under Modi than a dummy under the dynasty.

          Anjan, it is entirely characteristic of the peculiar involution of the Bengali Kayastha, or comprador, class, that you speak in terms of plebs and patricians.

          You people disqualified from any truly Republican Cursus Honorum long ago. Modi, and what the putative RSS learnt from the Anushilan Samitis, did not.

          What sort of example are you people setting for your kids and grandkids? Are they Hindus or potentially something better on the basis of your programmatic antagonomism ? If so, what?

          Come on, Anjan, be a sport. Engage with Ind’s disappointment with your caste and class. Tell the truth and shame the Devil.

          You were kidnapped and tortured and sodomised by the RSS who forced you and your entire class to write worthless rubbish all these many years- right?

          What other explanation holds water? That you thought the CPM was good for Bengal?

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