There Was No Raid in The Boys Hostel, It Was a Security Breach: Jamia Students

Students of Jamia Millia Islamia University protesting. Credit: Wasin Raza/Facebook

Students of Jamia Millia Islamia University protesting. Credit: Wasin Raza/Facebook

New Delhi: Four days after an alleged police raid at a boys hostel in Jamia Millia Islamia led to spontaneous protests, the university authorities have now claimed that the residents of the hostel have “withdrawn themselves from the agitation” saying that there was no raid of police personnel and it was only a security breach.

In a statement, deputy media coordinator of the university, Saima Saeed, said the signed letter, addressed to vice-chancellor Talat Ahmad, was written by the students last evening and submitted through the chief proctor. Through it, “the students announced their withdrawal from the agitation stating that they had realised that some of the issues were being ‘fabricated unnecessarily which have no meaning for us'”.

In the letter, the boys said, “We the students of Jamia Boys Hostel would like to clarify that there was no raid of police personnel but it was only a security breach. This has created an atmosphere of fear amongst the residents of the hostel”.

While some students are still carrying on with the protest, claiming that university authorities failed to prevent the police from entering the hostel, Saeed said the opinion of a majority was that “these students have nothing to do with hostel’s incident and are working only for their vested interest” adding that “they do not even have any idea about the incident that took place on August 13”.

She said that the students of the boys hostel, while withdrawing from the agitation, had stated that they were in Jamia Millia Islamia to “study and not for politics”.

Referring to vice-chancellor Ahmad’s address to them on the evening of August 15, she said the students were convinced of his assurance that “appropriate steps would be taken to avoid such incidents in future” and that “legal action will be taken by the concerned authorities” and that he would “seriously look into the matter.”

Saeed said the students had also put on record that “they had been assured by the university that in the future there will be no security breach by any agency without the permission of university authorities. They have also been convinced that no action will be taken against any of them”.

The university administration has also put out a video of the residents of boys hostel calling off the strike.

The Wire had earlier reported how the residents of the boys hostel had protested against the alleged entry of police personnel in uniform into the campus and their hostels ahead of Independence Day as part of what the authorities had claimed was a ‘routine security drill’.

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