Modi’s New Ministers Have Been Exemplary Parliamentarians

With 19 members of parliament sworn in as ministers of state  on July 5, most analysts have focused on the reasons behind their selection, and the caste and regional arithmetic that might have driven Prime Minister Narendra Modi to induct them into his ministry. Whatever their qualifications as administrators, most of them appear to have been not just good but exemplary parliamentarians in terms of attendance and participation in debates.

The table below, compiled by PRS Legislative Research, provides a picture of their activity in Parliament during the period of either the current Lok Sabha, with the last row indicating the average for all Lok Sabha MPs, or during the tenure of the six new ministers who are Rajya Sabha members. “As each of them started their tenure on different dates, their activity would depend on the length of the current term till now, PRS notes.

Apart from Subhash Bhambre, the new minister from Maharashtra, all of those who entered the council of ministers on Tuesday have a better than average record of attendance. Five have a higher rate of participation in debates than the average and asked more questions than the average MP.

Source: PRS Legislative Research

Source: PRS Legislative Research
Note: Further, Prakash Javadekar was elevated from Minister of State (Independent Charge) to Cabinet Minister rank. Since he was already a minister, he did not sign the attendance register, ask questions, take part in debates as an ordinary member or introduce private member bills during his current term.

RS MP record

Source: PRS Legislative Research

  • Rama Krishna

    Prime Minister Modi has, once again, attempted to restore meritocracy in the executive branch. In addition, his progressive priorities are evident in the social backgrounds of the new ministers. Sadly, some media “analysts,” primed by decades of cynical Marxist politics that sees all issues through a “group prism” of caste and minorities, can only think of crude election shenanigans.


    Their selection will be justified only when they perform well after assuming the charge and working for a period of time.