Watch: Was Today’s Cabinet Reshuffle a Storm In a Teacup?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced his second reshuffle and expansion of the union cabinet on Tuesday morning. M.K. Venu, a founding editor of The Wire, went live on Facebook with deputy editor Ajoy Ashirwad Mahaprashasta to critically analyse the implications of the much hyped reshuffle. Guided by electoral concerns, especially with upcoming elections in both UP and Gujarat, the reshuffle comes across as a political balancing act based on caste and community fault lines. Watch the full video where they also answer questions from the audience in realtime.

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    With the view of elections next year, the reshuffle might be a good exercise. But in the larger perspective, the fact remains that the lower and dalit castes have not been entrusted with major portfolios like home or external affairs. N this respect, the congress was somewhat better by appointing jagjivan Ram as defence minister some time. Most cabinet formations lack presence of lower castes , especially ST/SC or minorities entrusted with crucial cabinet ministries. Kanshi Ram was right when he said that the elected representatives, even though coming from lower castes, come up only by the approval of upper castes. Thus, the upper castes hold the sway. Only a shift in assertion of dalit politics will change the nature of the cabinet formation.