Assembly Elections 2016: Rahul Gandhi Accepts Defeat

The Congress vice president has said the party will work harder to win the confidence of people.

Credit: PTI

Credit: PTI

New Delhi: With poll trends showing a rout for the Congress in party-ruled Assam and Kerala, and no major gains in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, Rahul Gandhi has said the party will work harder till it wins the confidence and trust of people.

Gandhi took to Twitter to comment.

The reaction came soon after the election trends in five states suggested the Congress has lost in Kerala and Assam, where it was ruling, and failed to make a dent in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu despite alliances.

Congress party spokesperson Manish Tewari showed his disappointment at the results but at the same time said that the outcome was “not unexpected” and cited yearning for a “change” as the reason for the party’s debacle in Assam, where three-term Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi had been leading the Congress government.

“The results are disappointing but not unexpected. After 15 years, Assam was perhaps looking for a change, Kerala is cyclic,” he said.

With the Congress-CPI(M) alliance failing to pose a threat to ruling Trinamool Congress, he said that despite the outcome, the alliance between Congress and the Left is “most natural”.