Freedom Under Fire: Ramdev says ‘Capable of Beheading Those Not Respecting Bharat Mata’; Encounter Cops Go Missing

A round-up of news, both bad and good, on the rights front from India.

Baba Ramdev. Credit: PTI

Baba Ramdev. Credit: PTI

‘If no law, would cut heads of those not saying Bharat mata ki jai’: Ramdev

According to an Indian Express report, Baba Ramdev said on Sunday that he would have “decapitated lakhs” if the country didn’t have laws. He was referring to Muslims who refuse to say ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ at a RSS rally in Rohtak.

“Some person wears a cap and stands up. He says I will not say Bharat Mata ki Jai even if you decapitate me. This country has a law, otherwise let alone one, we can behead lakhs. But we respect this country’s law. If somebody stands up and speaks like this, that gives strength to hooligans. We respect this country’s law and Constitution, otherwise if anybody disrespects Bharat Mata, we have the capability of beheading not one but thousands and lakhs,” he said.

Devendra Fadnavis stands by ‘Bharat mata’ claims, says ‘no to Bharat mata’ is ‘mala fide’

A day after Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis courted controversy by saying anyone who could not say ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ should leave the country, he stood by his claim by adding that those refusing to chant the slogans had “mala fide interest and intentions”, The Hindu reported. “It is not merely about the slogan but it is about those lakhs and lakhs of freedom fighters who sacrificed their life chanting Bharat Mata Ki Jai, about those thousands and thousands of soldiers who selflessly attained martyrdom chanting Bharat Mata Ki Jai,” Fadnavis said in his statement.

Four die of asphyxiation in a manhole

The lack of safety equipment claimed the lives of two sanitation workers and two passers-by who tried to help them in Doddaballapura, Karnataka, The Hindu reported.

Though the Supreme Court has ordered against making people enter manholes without adequate safety gear and avoiding human entry into manholes in all possible cases, the two workers had no safety equipment. They were being monitored by a misthri. A case has been registered against the misthri and the contractor, who are both absconding. The Karnataka State Commission for Safai Karamcharis has demanded that a case also be filed against the Municipal Corporation, where equipment is available for hire but was not used.

According to a Times of India report, 18 sanitarian workers have died on the job in Karnataka in the last three years.

Hindu Sena threatens to disrupt music launch of Ghulam Ali starrer ‘Ghar Wapsi’

According to a CNN-IBN report, the music launch of the film Ghar Wapsi starring Pakistani ghazal maestro Ghulam Ali is facing threats of disruption from the Hindu Sena. Director Suhaib Ilyasi has filed a complaint with the police after receiving an alleged threat call from Hindu Sena chief Vishnu Gupta. Gupta has claimed that the film is “anti-Hindu”, and they will protest against it.

27 cops held guilty of fake Pilibhit encounter go ‘missing’

27 of the 47 policemen found guilty by a Lucknow CBI court on Friday for killing 11 Sikhs at three different fake encounters in Pilibhit district on July 12, 1991 have gone ‘missing’, the Times of India reported.


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  • NewHorizons

    All mindless stuff…I think participation in the freedom movement itself was voluntary.Nobody was forced to participate in the freedom struggle..Nobody was forced to say “Bharat Mata ki Jai” in during freedom struggle or else we will chop your head..There were many people and organisations who did not participate in the freedom movement or may have even acted against the freedom fighters or may have connived with the British also whose progeny are now enjoying the fruits of freedom..I think the freedom movement of Gandhiji preached more of love rather than hate..and it is those who have the ideology of killers of Father of the Nation who can give such statements..or might be getting influenced by the ideologies of the Godses..As for Mr.Padhnavis I think he should ask first the progeny of the people which did not take part in the freedom struggle etc..and also the progeny and the people who follow Godse and his ideology to go out of the nation…All this seems a cultural terrorism lacking all rationality..good thing is Mr.Ramdev knows atleast there is a law in this nation which gives freedom…

  • NewHorizons

    Why everyone should see nation as a mother only..?Why not as a father or a family or a group of people..Why this mother sentiment..?By the way, Are all mothers so good that we should eulogize them all the time..If so then why there are dowry deaths and female foeticides etc..?I think right children can correct their parents also if they are going in a wrong way..One should honour the parents but it does not mean blind obedience to everything what they say or follow. We have the right to judge what is right and wrong..?BJP’s version seems you have to praise your mother/nation no matters what she does or how she behaves..?This is sheer hypocrisy,blind obedience and slavery..BJP for that matter all religious fanatics keep playing sentimental games to blind the reasoning of the people which will eventually lead to fanatical behaviours..I think it is time India restricts the use of sentiments to one’s own personal level rather than make it a national game..Our sentiments should not affect others and if you are affecting others through your sentiments then you should be ready to accept others sentiments even if they are contrary…Finally,I see India as Bharat as a group of people and I will say “Bharat Ki Jai” Is it is a sin big enough to get my head chopped off..?

  • Anewdirection

    The news about the sanitation workers dying right after the news regarding bharat mata ki jai controversy, reveals the malice of the capitalist state which unable to meet the real needs of the people is constantly trying to divide people along religious lines, so they are never able to see their real enemy.