Listen: A Scientific Take on the Indian National Identity Through Mahalanobis’s Profiloscope

In the 1930s, P.C. Mahalanobis built the ‘profiloscope’, which attempted to determine a person’s race using an instrument that was primarily a modified version of a camera. It used the facial features of the subject to determine her race, using a rudimentary version of what we now know as biometry. This now-forgotten apparatus never had an established purpose for its invention but it did raise an important question: Who is an ‘Indian’?

Amidst the backdrop of a nation that was struggling to establish its national identity, in the face of communal tension and colonial rule, Mahalanobis’ instrument attempted to assimilate India on the basis of national identity in a scientific manner.

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  • NewHorizons

    An Important instrument..India need to know its racial roots to have proper perspectives on castes, tribes and their journeys through the human history…DNA sampling or genetic studies can be done to break down the myths of castes etc..I think there will only be races in the world which came from common ancestor and have evolved over years into various races…