Watch: Kanhaiya Kumar’s Speech at JNU After Being Released from Jail

In a  riveting 45-minute speech laced with wit and sarcasm shortly after being released from jail, JNU Students Union president Kanhaiya Kumar directly took on Prime Minister Modi and the RSS.

  • Sundeep Kedia

    Watched Kanhaiya ‘ s speech. . I must say without bias that I am really impressed by his oratory skills but I am really disheartened to see a intellectual wasting his thoughts on a globally failed ideology of Socialism which has already lead into propagation terrorism in the form of Naxals and Leftists..
    Also this is the ideology of the class which does not have the courage to fight their way up but believe in pulling down people to their level… think again.. like the Honorable High Court said that .. the minds of these bright intellect youths are infected and needs to be treated before they knowingly or unknowingly do harm to themselves and the society..

    • Anjan Basu

      Lovely! So put them down and damn them too, a la Donald Trump, is it? Socialism is a failed ideology ( what IS socialism, by the way?), ‘ Naxals and Leftists’ are the country’s scourge, and it is only the Rastriya Stormtroopers Sangh and their bovine intellectualism that can give hapless Indians succour? Worthy thoughts from a worthy culture. The ‘ Honourable High Court’ that this culture so adores is another feather in the great Sanghi Topi, which, incidentally, may have been inspired by another great icon of the Sanghi cultural tradition: Benito Mussolini ( as Kanhaiya Kumar so aptly reminded us the other day). God’s in his heaven and all’s right with the Sanghi world.
      Anjan Basu

  • Ani Thomas

    And thus spoke Kanhaiya

  • qwerty

    Kanhaiya, Much admiration and love. Brilliant. At 18:16, Kanhaiya nails it. JNU is the one university which is for the people, by the people and of the people. Call most other universities career factories in comparison. In JNU we see that students get education, in many other universities we see that people get job training. It is in the interest of BJP (and other parties to a lesser extent) to sedate and dull the mind of the students of this country, and hypnotize them to confine themselves to the bubble of their immediate experience and give them plastic flags to wave, and shallow bollywood songs to sing in praise of Mother India – and breathe them a lullaby with weekly Mann Ki Baat and many fancy acronyms. But Kanhaiya and his kind represent the immune response against this creeping infection. Satyameva Jayate. May all be well with our country and world.