A Remix of Kanhaiya Kumar’s Speech is the Soundtrack for a Season of Dissent

The first time that Kanhaiya Kumar’s ‘azadi’ speech was remixed, and played on national news TV, the aim was to distort his words and justify the sedition charges against him.

A new remix, however, just dropped by producer Dub Sharma, lays the crucial portion of Kumar’s speech over a tight beat, creating what could be the soundtrack of this season of student dissent.

Dub Sharma is a composer and producer living in Chandigarh. “I belong to no political ideology,” he told The Wire. “I just connect with the chants. Technical freedom and true freedom are two different things, and I feel these chants point towards true freedom – especially the part of the chants on the track. So I just amplified it with music.”

Give a listen to his other track, Gall kariye, and check out his other work on Soundcloud.

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