‘Jan Gan Man Ki Baat’ Episode 192: Modi’s ‘Pakoda Employment Scheme’ And Amit Shah’s Defence

Vinod Dua discusses Amit Shah’s defence of Modi’s ‘pakoda’ comment in the Rajya Sabha.

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  • Jagdish Chander

    It was the promise made by the PM that if BJP is elected to power they will create 1 crore jobs every year in the country. People believed the PM and BJP and gave their votes to bring them to power. For buying Pakodas one needs money which comes from employed persons. If all unemployed persons start making Pakodas and other eatables who will buy their products. Pakodas can be made by an uneducated person also. Why the persons should spent lacs of rupees on education. The children who took loans from banks for their higher education. Had they knew that they will be asked by PM to sell pakodas, they would spent that money in establishing pakoda shops instead of spending money on their education. Money and number of years spent on education has gone waste. Why is PM and BJP is so helpless in creating jobs. This Govt cannot fill even the vacant posts creating new jobs is out of question. Central Govt is abolishing 4.5 lacs unfilled vacant posts instead of employing persons against these posts. Unemployed persons should start selling Pakodas in front of North and South block and other Govt offices because the persons come out of these buildings are employed and get monthly salaries who are in capacity to buy Pakodas.