Watch: Pakoda-Wallahs Respond to Modi’s Statement on Employment

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently asserted that a person earning Rs 200 a day by selling pakodas is also employed.

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  • adnan ali Khan

    Thats true. Its a hell lot of pakoras for the country to eat! But as Ravish kumar says, we are busy with the ” woh wala” topic, we better start practicing eating lot of pakoras.

    • Anjan Basu

      Yes, and how about suggesting to the Pradhan Sevak and his army of sundry sevaks that they start eating pakodas for lunch and dinner (cooked on India’s countless pavements in our many ‘smart’ cities), too? (After all, those pakodas are virtually the PM’s own handiwork, his signal contribution to Bharat Mata(aka India)’s eternal glory). By doing that, our masters can make sure that none of the Mata’s sons and daughters remains unemployed. The great good about creating jobs in this fashion will be that a lot of public (or taxpayers’) money can thus be saved, to be used for financing the peripatetic PM’s jaunts abroad.

  • alok asthana

    If making pakodas was his concept of gainful employment, why did he leave his chai – pakoda business and decide to trouble us?

  • Ajay Anand

    A person without a family to look after cannot understand how much money it takes in a month to support even a small family of three (husband, wife and a child). By earning 200 a day, one can barely keep his head above water to breathe.

  • Ajay Anand

    A great leader should talk about self employment. But this statement is similar to “Rs. 30 is enough for a person for day’s meal; during UPA II”

  • Kavindra

    Modi Drown my all trust on him, i have a lot of hopes to modi in 2014, thats why i voted him. Now as i am a Graduate, many of my frds are MBA and equally talented……can they sell pakoras to earn 200 a day. How could a person servive with that. Evan a pakora wala is not satisfied with doing this work. I dont know how they live, what they eat , what they wear in just 200/day. Shameful statement from a PM who drown all the hopes of educated youth like me. How many talented MBA people ready for open a pakora stall outside Zee news?

  • Anjan Basu

    Nobody wants to be a journalist any more, you say. And yet you seem to be following the work of journalists regularly, even that of (in your opinion, useless) The Wire. That, to me, is somewhat strange behaviour. In your position, I wouldn’t have wasted my breath on such ‘trash’. I would have considered selling pakodas instead, thus swelling Modi’s ‘suitably employed’s ranks.

  • Sona Parivraj

    Why are you targeting Modi? He is not making fun. It is shameful that these young men are incapable of appreciating advise of Modi. Most seem to love western life but are they aware that even in U.K. due to increase in using machines, jobs are becoming difficult and people with good degrees are doing any job they can without any feeling of shame. Even managers will join with staff to clean floor etc. Only these arrogant Indian youth think its ‘shameful’ to at least earn money will self-respect selling pakoda. In that case they should ask their parents why they produced them since this problem of over-population and joblessness is not recent but since few centuries. Are they at least going to pledge to not have babies? It is upto each citizen to behave resposibly too instead of only blaming the rich for having too much etc. Just the way charity begins at home, responsible behaviour too begins at home. On the one hand everyone wants to be as successfull and have luxury. But no-one likes it when machines take over and humans don’t have jobs. You can’t have cake and eat it too. In ancient aryavart everyone did work by hand due to this very reason (although they didn’t have overpopulation) but people seem to hate doing that. How about being a bit realistic?

  • aditya yanamandra

    I agree.

  • aditya yanamandra

    Namastey Mithun Ji,

    I am talking like an Indian irrespective of any party politics. Now my cousin who has BTech degree purchased a taxi under Mudra Yojna and he makes more money than a software engineer. Likewise there are many people who got the benefit of Mudra scheme. Now question to you is do you value a formal job with lot of stress & working for others OR do you value a job working for yourself at your terms ? Is the EGO in us is not accepting a taxi driver at the same social status like a software engineer irrespective of how much money a taxi driver makes ? Government spends lot of money on infrastructure which will generate the employment & govt is concentrating on rural sector so that the consumption/demand is increased and correspondingly supply will increase. Let us talk purely on economics sir & not on politics.!