‘Jan Gan Man Ki Baat’ Episode 169: Vijay Rupani’s Swearing-In and Anantkumar Hegde’s Statement

Vinod Dua discusses Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani’s swearing-in ceremony and Union Minister of State for Employment and Skill Development Anantkumar Hegde’s comments on secularism.

  • Jagdish Chander

    One of the reasons for lowering GDP of the country is Hon’ble Prime Minister himself. Every third day lacs of persons assemble in PM shows in rallies at one place or other. crores of productive hours are lost in rallies. Instead of producing goods or services which give earnings to the country lacs of people waste their productive hours in PM’s rallies, which has direct impact of country’s GDP. In addition to loss of productive hours huge quantity of fuel is consumed by the people to travel from different locations to reach venue of rally. This inflates consumption of petrol resulting in more outgo of foreign currency for import of petroleum which further reduces GDP.